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Fund Issue 
Winter, 1973 
Vol. XI, No. 2 

Lasell Alumnae Inc. 


Sandra Shelton Fitch '56 (Mrs. Norman P.) 

First Vice-President 

Faye Wadhams Smith '38 (Mrs. Edward L.) 

Second Vice-President 

Susan Shaw Abbott '61 (Mrs. William S.) 

Recording Secretary 

Nancye VanDeusen Connor '57 (Mrs. Philip J.) 

Corresponding Secretary 

Lee Pool Langley '46 (Mrs. P.B.) 


Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C.G.) 

Assistant Treasurer 

Starr Tupper Shannon '58 (Mrs. Ronald J.) 

Alumnae Fund Committee 

Alice Pratt Brown '29 (Mrs. William W.), Chairman 
Mildred Bell Cole '31 (Mrs. Oliver S.) 
Nan Sparks Hunter '61 (Mrs. Carl E.) 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor 

Karen Reade Hewes '62 (Mrs. Joseph) 

Medallion Committee Chairman 

Christina Finlayson Dana '28 (Mrs. Ellis H.) 

Nominating Committee Chairman 

llene Derick Whelpley '41 (Mrs. Richard F.) 

Scholarship Committee Chairman 

Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44 (Mrs. E.F., Jr.) 


Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. Alan) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C.A., Jr.) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R.A.) 

Naomi Lederman Grossman '45 (Mrs. Everett P.) 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F.M., Jr.) 

Joan Wallace Billings '50 (Mrs. Robert E.) 

Betty Lindsay Buhler '54 (Mrs. E.A.) 

Marlene Berman Lewis '55 (Mrs. Milton B.) 

Linda Nolin Ahern '55 (Mrs. Robert) 

Penny Rafkin Hurwitz '56 (Mrs. Budd H.) 

Marcia Madden '62 

Loel Mercer Poor '63 (Mrs. Arthur P.) 


Joy Stewart Rice '55 

Alumnae Editor 

Marjorie MacClymon '32 

Winter, 1973 
Vol. XI No. 2 


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The Lasell Fund 9 

Class Notes 18 

Engagements, Marriages 27 

Births 28 

In Memoriam 28 

Cover: Margaret McLellan '73 

Photos: Robert Case 

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The Lasell Bulletin is published quarterly by Lasell Junior College, Newton, Mass. 02166. 
Single copies may be obtained for $1.25 from the Alumnae Office. 


Are you aware that you, as an alumna, have the privilege of 
serving Lasell? 

We are seeking enthusiastic alumnae who share a genuine 
interest in Lasell, and her future, who would be willing to offer 
their time, talent and effort on her behalf. Your willingness to 
work with us on committees for Annual Alumnae Council or 
Reunion, would help accomplish this goal. 

If you are concerned with the welfare of Lasell and would 
enjoy the opportunity of meeting old classmates and other alum- 
nae, please fill in and mail the attached post card at your earliest 

Board of Management 
Lasell Alumnae Inc. 


In 1957, Robert Frost inscribed a 
volume of his poems entitled A Witness 
Tree to Donald Winslow "In acknowled- 
ment of what I owe his father for the name 
of this book." Donald Winslow, currently 
a member of the Lasell Board of Trustees, 
is the son of Guy M. Winslow, late 
President of Lasell and a friend of Robert 
Frost, who had made many visits to the 
College. As a matter of fact, Frost was 
an honorary member of the Lasell Class of 
1941. His picture appears in the 1941 year 
book facing a page on which is printed the 
text of his poem "Come In." This was 
the first appearance of the poem in print, 
and it was one of those to be included 
later in the volume bearing the title 
A Witness Tree. A witness tree is one 
marked by a woodsman's axe to indicate 
a land boundary; and the particular piece 
of a witness tree that President Winslow 
showed to Robert Frost is currently on 
exhibit, along with the inscribed copy of 
the book, in the Brennan Library at Lasell. 

The point of these remarks is not 
merely to indicate Lasell's association 
with one of America's greatest literary 
figures or to remind readers of an 
interesting piece of memorabilia on view 
in the Brennan Library. It is rather to 
suggest certain parallels and affinities 
between fundamental interests of Robert 
Frost and fundamental aspects of Lasell's 
past, present, and future. 

Like many of Frost's other poems, 
"Come In" deals with contrasts, choices, 
and paradoxes. The poem tells us that the 
sound of thrush music beckons the poet 
into the dark woods; but, as he says, 
". . . no, I was out for stars: I would not 
come in." Those of you who are familiar 
with Frost's poetry know his interest in 
choices and paradoxes as they permeate 
life, his interest in such choices as that 
represented in "The Road Not Taken," 
where the narrator must decide between 
two roads that diverge in a wood, or in the 
temptation in "Stopping By Woods on a 
Snowy Evening" to linger in that peaceful 
spot — a temptation that must be weighed 
against the force that urges him onwards 

because of the miles he has to go before 
he sleeps, because of the obligations that 
life imposes on him. 

There is, too, the curious contrast or 
conflict in the famous poem "Mending 
Wall," which on one occasion I heard him 
read and comment on afterward. With 
that characteristic twinkle in his eye, he 
observed that many people who read 
that poem misread his intention. They 
picked up from the text the line given to 
the narrator's neighbor, a farmer — a line 
that reads "Good fences make good 
neighbors" — and assumed this repre- 
sented the theme of the poem. Assuming 
that this line represented Frost's con- 
victions, they missed altogether the main 
point of the poem, a point embodied in a 
line ascribed to the narrator: "Something 
there is that doesn't love a wall." 

Challenge and Revitalization 

Like the human situation represented 
in "Mending Wall," with its conflict be- 
tween being bound and being free, the 
history of colleges, Lasell among them, 
has been marked by contrasts and 
conflicts. Perhaps no conflict has been 
more characteristic of collegiate life than 
that between aspiration and limitation. 

I once heard Frost say, in relation to 
his fondness for writing rhymed verse, 
that the very challenge of the rhyme was 
something he enjoyed. Writing without 
the limitations or constraints of rhyme, he 
felt, was like playing tennis without a net. 
At Lasell, too, we have our challenges; 
we do not intend to play tennis without 
a net; we do intend to enter into our 
particular form of competition with un- 
diminished energy. Our goal is to excel in 
our educational enterprise. 

In this connection, I am put in mind 
of the first major talk I delivered to a 
Lasell audience — my inaugural talk, I 
believe — the theme of which was the 
conflict of the head and the heart. At that 
time I pointed out that before us lay some 
very difficult choices to make — choices 
intensified by the severe financial crisis 
that had been creeping up on colleges for 

some time but that had just then burst out 
with a violent impact. My point, briefly, 
was that a certain degree of hardheaded- 
ness would be required of Lasell, that we 
would have to part with some of the 
traditions, practices, and even people 
connected with the cherished past in 
order that the institution might be pre- 
served. In many instances the objectivity 
of the head would necessarily have to 
prevail over the promptings of the heart. 
At the same time I expressed the hope 
that humaneness could characterize the 
management of the college's affairs even 
as decisions affecting its ultimate welfare 
were being made. 

It took no great prophetic power to 
see that this was going to be necessary, 
as indeed it has been. Moreover, in 
reflecting on the recent past, it is evident 
that the casting off of the old that 
invariably accompanies the revitalization 
of a college had begun on at least one 
level before I became president. It should 
be remembered that the dramatic re- 
shaping of Lasell's physical plant began 
several years ago with the construction 
of the Valentine Dining Room and the 
Woodland Hall Annex, and more recently 
with the building of New Dorm in the 
Rockwell Woods and the magnificent 
Library on the central campus. Finally, 
just this year another new residential 
building, McClelland Hall, has been 
opened in the Rockwell Woods. 

The completion of this most recent 
addition to our campus marks what is 
undoubtedly the most striking change in 
the outward appearance of Lasell. At the 
very moment I am writing these words, 
our own particular Witness Tree — 
Bragdon Hall — is being removed from its 
site. But rather than look upon the razing 
of Bragdon Hall as the loss of something 
deeply cherished, I hope we can see it 
as a symbol of what helped originally to 
make Lasell great and what in its demise 
signals the rebirth of the College. To 
watch the demolition is painful. But at 
the same time it conjures up the image 
of the phoenix and the generating of a 
new and more vigorous institution from 
the ashes of old Bragdon. 

Historically, Lasell as it was embodied 
in Bragdon Hall was a distinguished 
educational pioneer and has always been 
in the forefront of higher education 
among two year colleges. Clearly it is 
the purpose of the present Board of 
Trustees, of the alumnae and the faculty, 
of the student body and the administration 
to do everything possible to sustain 
Lasell in its excellence and to make of 
it in fact the leading two-year college in 
the nation. To extract a phrase from one 
of Shakespeare's sonnets and to alter it 
to our purposes, we may say that we are 
the "Stewards of our College's 

Expedite and Strengthen 

To carry out our stewardship with 
the fullest measure of responsibility 
requires much more, of course, than 
erecting buildings, though we should not 
underestimate the importance of much- 
needed buildings. Still, we must develop 
the College not only in terms of its 
physical plant but also its faculty strength 
and the support and opportunities given 
to our students. 

To accomplish our goal requires, 
naturally, managerial planning on a 
comprehensive scale. When I arrived at 
Lasell in 1970, I requested the Board of 
Trustees to approve the establishing of a 
new administrative structure that would 
expedite and strengthen institutional 
management. The Board readily granted 
permission, and we now have what I 
believe is a strong administrative struc- 
ture, with three capable deans charged 
respectively with academic affairs, student 
affairs, and administrative affairs. This 
structure, with able people in the key 
positions, enables us to guide the College 
on an operational level intelligently and 

The Faculty, under the direction of 
the Dean of Academic Affairs, maintains 
an on-going and vigilant review of the 
curriculum and of academic standards, 
measuring both against the abilities, 
needs, and expectations of our students, 
as well as against the realities of the 

outside world and professional standards 
of excellence. At times when young people 
are often moved to act on impulse or by 
the promptings of impatience, Lasell has 
generally been able to proceed towards 
solutions to problems by way of reasoned 
discourse. By the establishment of 
commissions representing the several 
constituencies of the College family — 
students, faculty, trustees, parents, 
alumnae, and administration — we have 
been able to discuss issues central to 
college living, such as the in loco parentis 
concept, and to arrive at reasonable 
conclusions about appropriate policies 
for the College to adopt. 

Economies and Education 

Administratively, the College was put 
under the heavy burden of trimming 
operating costs so that we might continue 
as a viable operation without damaging 
the quality of educational programs. 
Some of the required changes in manage- 
ment were dramatic and, indeed, 
traumatic. For example, within the past 
two years we have gone to outside 
contract services in regard to both 

housekeeping and food service. This has 
meant parting company with many Lasell 
employees, some of whom had been with 
the College for years and years. Every 
effort was made to effect the changes as 
humanely as possible; but some of the 
changes were undeniably in the category 
of those head-heart conflicts that are 
bound, in the process of being resolved, 
to produce pain at the same time that 
they are curing economic ills. Two years 
ago administrative salaries were frozen 
for a twelve-month period; last year 
faculty salaries above a certain level were 
frozen. The economic stringencies that 
affected the whole nation did not spare 
Lasell, and rigorous measures were 
required of us to keep the College 
operationally stable. But we have been 
able to achieve stability; and what is 
more, in the interest of sustaining quality, 
we have taken such steps as reducing our 
debt service and providing for a con- 
solidation of our physical plant so that at 
the same time we are effecting operational 
stability, we are channeling as many 
funds as possible into educational pro- 
grams and instructional costs. 

While all this was going on, we were 
faced last year with the required tenth- 
year revaluation of the College by our 
accrediting agency, the New England 
Association of Schools and Colleges. 
This was for many of us — indeed for all 
of us one way or another — a time and 
energy-consuming enterprise. But we 
emerged from it stronger than ever and 
with a very laudatory report from the 
evaluating commission. We feel, con- 
sequently, that we have demonstrated our 
ability to adjust our operations to the 
necessities and rigors of the times that 
are characterized by financial stringency, 
including a diminishing of Federal support 
to higher education and a doubtful situa- 
tion with respect to state support. 

At the same time we are deeply 
aware that it takes continuing watchful- 
ness and the most careful kind of planning 
to preserve our stability on the one hand 
and to encourage growth on the other. I 
am not calling for growth in size because 
I do not believe that is our objective. 

Smallness is undeniably one of our 
primary assets. So when I speak of 
growth, I mean growth in quality. 

As you might expect, the kind of 
growth to which I refer, the improvements 
in the life and condition of the College, do 
not occur in a hit or miss fashion. Rather 
they evolve from plans drawn up by the 
Long Range Planning Committee and 
endorsed by the Board of Trustees. In the 
spring of 1972, for example, the Long 
Range Planning Committee submitted a 
five-year plan to guide Lasell on a path 
of continuing excellence. The Board 
approved this plan in principle and since 
has approved certain modifications of it. 

Qualitative growth, moreover, has 
been given significant impetus recently by 
the generosity of devoted alumnae, who 
through bequests and other forms of gifts 
have made possible not only the improve- 
ment of the physical plant but also the 
augmentation of scholarship funds and 
the establishment of a Faculty Develop- 
ment Fund named in honor of Dr. Richard 
M. Packard, recently retired chairman of 
the Department of History. Though these 
may be modest beginnings, they are 
significant ones; and they testify to the 
confidence of the Board and of the 
Alumnae in the future of the College. 

Small College Environment 

Not long ago I had an opportunity to 
speak to a charitable organization on the 
subject of life in a women's junior college; 
and I made a considerable point at the 
outset of my remarks to distinguish be- 
tween the private two-year college and 
the public community college. I made this 
effort in part because a large segment of 
the general public fails to make this 
distinction. I think it is an important one; 
and making it helps in a way to emphasize 
the special virtues of a college like Lasell. 

The public community colleges, 
which are expanding at rates that shock 
even some of their original proponents, 
not to mention the taxpayers, are 
essentially commuter colleges with low 
tuition and with, for the most part, open 
enrollment policies. They emphasize 
bigness — that is, in physical plant size 

and enrollment. Unquestionably they 
serve a purpose, which I need not go 
into here. But some people feel that the 
expansion of low-tuition public institutions 
threatens the very survival of relatively 
expensive private colleges like Lasell. 
Others might even argue that private 
one-sex colleges are these days somewhat 
anachronistic anyway since an apparent 
stampede towards coeducation has been 
joined by so many traditionally one-sex 
institutions. It should be pointed out, 
though, that the stampede is diminishing, 
and we are noticing now a reversal of that 
tendency, born in many instances out of 
economic panic. Lately a number of 
articulate and perceptive people have 
recognized that coeducation is no magic 
encourager of learning; it does not neces- 
sarily solve financial problems; and it 
obscures the fact that a women's college 
is one of the few places where a young 
woman is really a first-class citizen. 

Most important, however, I do not see 
the private women's junior college — and 
certainly Lasell — as anachronistic as long 
as it is serving the purpose that Lasell 
serves — namely, to satisfy the very real 
needs of students who may want or 

require two years of higher education 
either in the form of a self-contained 
degree program or a degree program that 
includes the option of transferring into a 
baccalaureate program in a four-year 
college or a university. Furthermore, 
given the tendency towards restlessness 
that characterizes modern student life and 
the frequency of dropping out after two 
years of college, the junior college 
program has another distinct advantage. 
After two years the student has completed 
a program and has achieved a degree. 

What we must always keep in mind 
is that Lasell is especially well-suited to 
the student who needs a setting that 
nourishes her confidence. Given the 
terrible complexity of today's world and 
the awesome prospect of assuming 
mature responsibility in such a world, it 
is little wonder that a young person of 
seventeen, or eighteen, or nineteen 
should be in a somewhat fragile state of 
mind as she contemplates the future. 
Surely, then, there are many young women 
who need the small college atmosphere 
and the concomitants of individualized 
attention in the classroom that Lasell's 
12-1 student-faculty ratio supplies. Surely 
there are many young women who will 
benefit by sympathetic counseling and 
well-conceived opportunities to grow into 
a confident taking-on of responsibility. 
This kind of young woman is going to be 
well served by Lasell in a way that no 
public community college with its 
emphasis on mass production is ever 
going to be able to serve her. 

Moreover, the junior college, if it 
properly conceives its role, is not going 
to be exerting the same intensity of 
competitiveness initially that the student 
is likely to encounter in a four-year 
college or university. This is not to say 
that the capacity for intellectual develop- 
ment is not present in the Lasell student. 
As a matter of fact, all one needs to do 
is to look at the record of what our 
graduates have accomplished. Those 
who have chosen to go on to further 
education have entered the most re- 
spected professions and have 
distinguished themselves in these pro- 

fessions. They have become doctors and 
lawyers, teachers and administrators. 
Those who have chosen not to go on for 
further formal education have succeeded 
equally in business and in the health 
professions, in banking and the arts. 
Perhaps what is most striking about Lasell 
graduates in the aggregate is the exten- 
sive degree to which they have taken 
leadership roles in their communities, 
serving on boards of educational and 
charitable institutions, promoting com- 
munity cultural life, and shaping social 
and political policy. So Lasell expects a 
good deal of intellectual promise in its 
students. But Lasell also recognizes a 
significant fact of life — namely, that not 
all young people are ready for intense 
intellectual competition at precisely the 
same time. Some may need a little more 
time to develop their capacities or to 
recognize their true interests than others; 
and they need a suitably congenial 
environment in which to develop them. 

Constructive Channeling 

Colleges get young people at a time 
in their lives when they are in a state of 
precarious balance. They have a certain 
degree of sophistication; at the same 
time, being short in years, they are in 
other respects unsophisticated. They both 
crave and reject guidance; they both 
distrust authority and seek it. Within them 
a good deal of prudent stability coexists 
with a good deal of insecurity as they 
regard both the rigors of academic 
pursuits and the complexities of modern 
life. All of this suggests that college life 
is likely to be a continuing exercise in 
paradox, contradiction, and precarious 
balance. Lasell faces this likelihood 
squarely; and we try consequently to be 
sensitive to the needs of the students and 
patient in dealing with them. We do not 
take blunt authoritarian positions. Ours 
is not the position advocated to me by an 
acquaintance who says, "Just tell them 
what to do. Don't ask them. Never ask 
them." This attitude will not cut down 
resistance to authority, nor will it build 
confidence or promote growth. Rather, it 
is incumbent upon us to develop educa- 
tional growth and to create or help to 
create opportunities for the students to 

take on responsibility academically and 
socially. Our mission is to reinforce the 
student's constructive impulses and to do 
so by providing an atmosphere that is 
conducive to learning. This requires, of 
course, careful attention to programs and 
teaching quality and to the providing of 
opportunities for students to assume 
responsibilities in which they have a 
reasonably good chance to succeed. For 
example, we have students on several 
faculty committees, and they often make 
significant contributions to the business 
at hand. A good example of constructive 
channeling of student energies and 
wisdom into a project that helps to 
develop confidence and to serve the 
College as well is an idea conceived by 
our Dean of Students for allocating funds 
for student activities. These funds come 
in through student activities fees and 
must be used to support such activities 
as the newspaper, the year book, the 
drama society, and various clubs. The 
aggregate amount of money is something 
in the neighborhood of $25,000; and the 
requests from various organizations 
served by this fund generally come to 
twice that amount. So at our Dean's 
suggestion, we organized a Fee Com- 
mission, chaired by the Dean and made 
up of a preponderantly student member- 
ship. The job of the commission is to sift 
through the applications for funds to 
determine how $25,000 can be spread out 
among requests for $50,000. This is no 
small responsibility for anyone; and we 
are pleased that our students have been 
doing a very good, systematic, and 
thoughtful job in making the allocations. 
Where they cut budget requests sharply, 
they accompany their cuts with recom- 
mendations as to how the difference 
between the request and the allocation 
might be made up. Where they judge the 
request to have insufficient justification 
they do not hesitate to say so and to 
reject it altogether; and in some instances 
they have increased allocations when, in 
their judgment, the organization's request 
has been too modest to accomplish its 

This is, of course, just one brief 

instance of our being able to establish 
a condition in which the students can 
take on responsibility and proceed 
towards self-assurance that is founded 
on knowledge and experience. When that 
kind of assurance is achieved or the 
student is well on her way towards 
achieving it, we feel that however short 
the two years are that make up the junior 
college educational span, the Lasell 
enterprise has justified itself. 

Over and over I hear from graduates 
and from their parents a recurring 
message — Lasell did wonders for me 
(or for my daughter). Invariably these 
messages touch one way or another on 
the acquisition of self-confidence — on 
the unique impact of the Lasell experience 
that produces dramatic changes in its 
students in two short years. I suspect that 
this special impact, so difficult to define 
in precise terms, also lies at the heart of 
the remarkable attachment so many 
alumnae feel to the College. 

Before coming to Lasell, I had been 
in higher education for a number of years, 
dealing primarily with four-year college 
and university matters. But in the course 
of my work I often encountered transfer 
students, some from Lasell, some from 
other colleges; and often my work 
required that I evaluate their performances 
and form conclusions about the relative 
quality of preparation shown by these 
transfer students. Over a period of several 
years of such involvement, I became 
increasingly aware that Lasell was a 
uniquely distinguished institution as 
measured by its graduates, and it was in 
large part that awareness that interested 
me in coming to Lasell as president. 
Since coming to Lasell and becoming 
more deeply involved in the affairs not 
only of this college but of other two-year 
colleges, and of organizations that 
embrace the whole range of post- 
secondary education, from vocational 
schools through the most prestigious 
universities, I am more than ever con- 
vinced that the Lasell quality of education 
— as reflected in its students, faculty, 
academic programs, trustee commitment, 
alumnae loyalty — is superior. I am equally 

convinced that it can be made even 
better, and that there are certain areas 
clearly marked out for us to improve and 

Program for '76 

This recognition, shared by an 
enlightened Board of Trustees, has 
materialized into the Program for 76 
which is a four year plan designed to 
make Lasell the finest two-year college, 
for women in the nation. Our 125th 
Anniversary appropriately marks the year 
in which we hope to complete its first 
phase. You will soon be hearing the 
details of the coming capital fund 
campaign formulated to implement the 
program and which is under the pro- 
fessional direction of the Cumerford 
Corporation, with James Stanley, Marjorie 
MacClymon '32, and Joy Stewart Rice '55 
serving as associate directors. With the 
College thus providing full staff support, 
the campaign will be proceeding under 
distinguished volunteer leadership. 

Mr. Alfred C. Edwards, Vice President 
of the Board of Trustees, and formerly 
Chairman of the Board of Holt, Rinehart, 
and Winston, as well as Vice President 
and Director of CBS, is serving as 
Campaign Chairman. Mr. Edwards will be 
assisted by a number of committee 
chairmen, drawn from the ranks of 
trustees, alumnae, parents, and friends. 
The complete structure of the campaign 
team will be announced shortly, but I felt 
that you should all know now that we are 
well under way in our planning. 

The first phase priorities will include 
a Student Center, with ground-breaking 
scheduled within the next few months. We 
recognize that alumnae have considered 
this a pre-eminent need for many years. 
Our students feel the urgency as well and 
are serving on a committee under our 
Dean of Students to assure that the 
building fully meets student needs. 
Though the student center is the first 
priority, other goals falling within the 
scope of phase 1 of the campaign include 
the provision of a fine arts facility and the 
replacement of certain obsolete housing 
by new residential facilities. 

Equally important, we feel, is the 
need for adding to the financial aid 
program, as college costs continue to 
rise; and we plan therefore to make a 
concerted effort to attract endowment 
funds that will produce income to be used 
for scholarships. The Faculty, which is so 
much the heart of any institution, quite 
frankly needs very significant recognition 
in terms of higher salaries. Partly because 
of an American tradition of which many 
of us do not enthusiastically approve, the 
greater financial rewards in the academic 
world have gone to publishing scholars 
rather than to excellent teachers. Lasell 
is a teaching institution. This is our 
greatest strength — not only that we are 
a teaching institution but that we are a 
fine teaching institution. We have not 
been wealthy in the sense of having 
liberal operating income to feed into 
faculty salaries, and yet we have a faculty 
that should be recognized for its teaching 
merits and for its dedication on the 
personal level to the quality of student 
life. Our campaign, consequently, must 
include a very substantial endowment 
goal to improve salaries. 

As I think of the contrast in higher 
education between the rewards given to 
teaching faculty and to publishing faculty, 
I am mindful of a passage in Gullivers 
Travels where Swift puts into the mouth 
of a rational idealist the observation that 
the man who can make "two blades of 
grass grow upon a spot of ground where 
only one grew before" deserves "better 
of mankind . . . than the whole race of 
politicians put together." Without trying 
in any way to get into a controversy 
regarding grass-growers and politicians, 
I would suggest that there is something 
of an analogy between Swift's example 
and the disparity of rewards offered the 
teaching teacher and the publishing 
teacher. One might say that the teacher 
who can teach his student to write a 
sound English sentence deserves more 
from mankind than the whole race of 
literary critics put together. As a former 
English professor and an admirer of some 

literary critics, I would not want to press 
the analogy too far, but if it sounds like 
an over-dramatic statement, it is so by 
design to emphasize the importance of 
upgrading the salary structure for our 
faculty. This is one area in which we 
indisputably need strengthening. 

We also need funds for additional 
educational resources. I refer not to the 
gimmickry that was washed up on the 
educational shores in the tidal wave of 
the new technology. What we need are 
audio-visual resources of proven 
instructional worth, additional acquisitions 
and equipment for our library, and human 
resources involving visiting specialists, 
stimulating conferences and new 
programs, all of which are needed to 
enrich the educational life at Lasell. 

And so our Program for 76 — our 
major capital campaign — is designed to 
strengthen our institution so that it will be 
able to take an unchallenged place in the 
vanguard of higher education at the two- 
year level in the year that marks its 125th 
Anniversary. As the campaign proceeds, 
you will be hearing from us. Our plans 
have been carefully made and are geared 
to a schedule that is conceived to give 
us the best chance of achieving our 
goals. Though it would not be practicable 
for us to attempt to reach all constituen- 
cies at the same time, no one will be 
deprived of an opportunity to assist the 
College. The campaign will not be over in 
six months or even a year. In due course 
all of you will be hearing from us! You 
may may be sure, too, that any time 
you wish to contact my office, I will be 
happy to talk with you about the details 
of the campaign program and its im- 
portance to the College. Before very 
long, explanatory and descriptive 
literature will be reaching you, and I 
will be reporting to you at frequent 
intervals on the progress of the campaign. 
Meanwhile, I hope it is clear that Lasell is 
vitally active and has vigorously com- 
mitted itself to move towards a great 
future which the College alumnae have 
shared prominently in shaping. 


Unrestricted gifts to The Lasell Fund for the period July 1, 1971 to June 30, 
1972 totalled $48,064; of this amount $31,318 was realized from alumnae 

All Classes before 1906 


Bessie Brainard Schmadeke 

Life Members 
Evelyn Ebert Allen 
Alice Jenckes Wilson 
Alice R. Kendall 


Georgie Duncan Seavey 
L Clara McLean Rowley 


Agnes Drake Foss 
L Edith Ebersole Doud 
Mary Goodwin Olmsted 
x Lucia Parcher Dow 

Other Life Member 
x Helen Ebersole Swartzel 


Margaret Henderson Soule 


Helen Carter Kenway 

x Elizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 
L Maude Simes Harding 
x Elizabeth Thielens Miller 

Other Life Members 
Helen Carter Kenway 
Dorothea Turner Moulton 


Lilian Douglass Heeb 

Alice J. Chase 
Fern Dixon Leahy 

Alice J. Chase 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
Lx Jennie Drew Hinman 

x Carre Fuller Eldridge 

Clara F. Nims 
x Sadie Peckham Mayers 
x Carrie Sessions Dodge 


Life Members 
Grace Emerson Cole 
Grace T. Griswold 
Elizabeth Love Macey 


Constance E. Blackstock 
x Elizabeth Robinson Breed 

Life Member 
Annie Crowe Collum 



Margherita Dike Hallberg 
Marion Hale Bottomley 
L Julia Hamilton Peters 
E. Mildred Snyder Grant 
M. Cornelia Stone 

Other Life Members 

Nell Carneal Drew 
Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 
Josephine Woodward Rand 



Vera Bradley Findlay 
x Margaret Thacher Drury 

Life Members 

Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
Marion Ordway Corley 
Marion Shinn 


Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Charlotte Lesh Coats 
Marjorie Risser Blackwell 

Ruth Coulter Bierer 
Mary Goodwillie Townsend 

Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 
F. Berenice Lincoln Beers 
Annie Merrill David 
Clara Parker Colby 
x C. Pearl Townsend 

Life Members 
x Hazel Drew Adair 
Florence Jones Allen 


Alma L. Bunch 
Georgina Fankboner Roberts 
x Ruth Stokes Crick 

Life Members 
Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 


Mary Quick Dean 


Angeline Emery MacCulloch 
Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 
x Dorothy Smith Tolman 

x Ruth Adt Stephenson 

Mary H. Bingaman 

H. Alleda Burnett Arneson 
. Ruth Davis Giller 

Elsie L. Doleman 

Angeline Emery MacCulloch 

Marcia Fogg Moore 

Dora E. Goodwillie 

Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 

Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 

Mary Quick Dean 

Helen Rollins Fisher 

Nellie Youngers Henkle 

Other Life Member 
Lois Brader Buckner 


Madeline Farmer Ryder 

Elizabeth Beach Bierer 
Ida Beane Rice 
Katharine Bingaman Heron 
x Madeline Farmer Ryder 

Frances Johnsen Edwards 
x Helen Latimer Siddall 
Clara Paton Suhlke 
L Nell Woodward Collins 

Other Life Member 
Myrtle Brix Spangler 


Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Dorothy Crane Crowe 
Frances Harris Spear 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Carol M. Rice 

Marian Beach Barlow 
x Wilda Berkey Cartland 
Dorothy Brate McPherrin 
M. Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Dorothy Mathias Bates 
L Helen Merrill Strohecker 
Helen Overholser Towle 
Carol M. Rice 
Elizabeth G. Richards 
Mabel St raker Kimball 
Al ma E . Sweet 
x Natalie York Terry 
Dale Whipple Turnbull 


Ruth Burnap Jones 

Dorothy Deering Ewart 
Nora Hayward Rodd 

E. Gertrude Allen 
x Lillian Astill Ainsworth 
L Helen Bauman Roblin 
Ruth Burnap Jones 

(Note: An "L" in front of a name indicates life member; an "x", a non-graduate giver. 
Names of other life members appear at the end of each class list.) 

Helen Lesh Zerfas 
Virginia Moore Starkey 
E. Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
x Carita Palmer Clinard 
Lenette Rogers Atkinson 
L Helen M. Saunders 
L Mildred Strain Nutter 

Other Life Members 
Florence Bell Merrill 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Helen Stephan Sterley 



L Lydia Adams Godsoe 

L Dorothy Barnes Paine 

Mildred Cary Hill 

x Harriet Fera French 

Ruth B. Newcomb 
x Almira L. Shepard 
Helen Smith Stone 
Roxana Stark Burns 
L Gail Wilson Boynton 



Mercie V. Nichols 

Edith Abbott Chapman 


Edith Abbott Chapman 
x Judith Burbank Brown 

Olive Chase Mayo 

(Deceased 1/18/73) 
x Mary Eshleman Willauer 

Dorothy C. Hall 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
x Elizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Ethel Ramage Lougee 


Freda Griffin Leining 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
H. Eloise Carey Wadley 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
Lillian G. Grant 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
M. Josephine Florence Preusse 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
L Katherine Rice Broock 

Other Life Members 
x Carol ie Abrams Painter 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 
x Katherine Moss Shriner 


Helen L. Beede 

Pauline Butler Poore 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 
Mary King Sargent 
Mildred Knight Norwood 
Esther H. Story 

L Helen L. Beede 
Doris Bissett Bryant 
Pauline Butler Poore 
Dorothy Edwards Rodgers 
Dorothy Ely Bigham 
x Edith Geeson Seewald 
L Mildred Knight Norwood 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 
L Esther H. Story 
x Sarah Wild Gordon 

Other Life Members 

Lillian Doane Maddigan 
x Helen Jacobs 

Gladys V. Lucas 

Julia Russell Robertson 
x Mary C. Shannon 


Harriette Case Bidwell 

Jean Field Faires 
Marjorie Gifford Grimm 
Josephine Holbrook Metzger 
Marjorie Lovering Harris 
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 
Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 
Theresa Thompson Osborne 

L Frances Angel Levenson 

Carolyn Badger Seybolt 

Iverna Birdsall Lutze (Deceased)L 

Dorothy Caldwell Jordan 
L Harriette Case Bidwell 

Miriam Chollett Bershon 

Vera Clauer Hans L 

L A. Violet Comley Peirce L 

Naomi Davis Jones L 

L S. Florence Day Bennett 

Jean Field Faires 
L Grace Gates Brown L 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm 
L Josephine Holbrook Metzger 

Eleanor Knight Bowering 
x Elizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L A. Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 

Edrie Mahaney Rathburn 
x Marjorie Norris England 
L Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 
L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Margaret Reid Perry 

Mayno Seltzer Richmond 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 

A. Louise Stevens Prince 

L Theresa Thompson Osborne 

x Marion Westphal Newhall 

Louise Weymouth Thompson 

Lilian Wood Wood 

Estate of: 
x Marion T. Weidman 

Other Life Members 

Sarah F. Crane 
Helene Grashorn Dickson 
Louise Jackson Davol 
Jean Woodward Nelson 


Toni Meritt Smith 

Carolyn Colton Avery 

x Marion Austin Hakewessell 
Margaret Bullock Reed 
F. Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
L Carolyn Colton Avery 
Anne Daugherty Slater 
Helen Hinshaw Toohey 
L Toni Meritt Smith 
Dorothy K. Millspaugh 
x A. Louise Orr Daniels 
Claire Parker Everett 
M. Evelyn Shidler Robertson 
Jessie Watters 
L A. Louise Woolley Morgan 

Other Life Members 
Ethel Cole Hoose 
x Ruth Emery 
Ruth Hills Livermore 
Ruth Hopkins Spooner 
Marjorie Lowell Weeks 
Adrienne Smith Stone 


Agen ts 

Elizabeth Anderson Hanna 
Matilda Daugherty Linn 
Helen Davis Worthington 
Helen B. Perry 
Helen Robson Hamill 
Maude Wilcox Hanley 

Elizabeth Anderson Hanna 
Dorothy Ballou Collier 
Adele Bigham Nelson 
Matilda Daugherty Linn 
Edith Hadley McLean 
M. Katharine Knox McClaren 
Lucile Norris Cornish 
Helen B. Perry 
Eleanor Rinebold Struve 
Helen Robson Hamill 
Alice Wry Anthony 

Other Life Members 
Edith Clendenin Stahl 
Maude A. Wilcox 


Gertrude Kendall Lund 


Martha Fish Holmes 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 
Estelle L. Jenney 

Helene Berkson Hoover 
Helen Black Sprague 
Lois Bryant Warner 
Ethel Clow Black 
Barbara Cushing Lund 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 
Louise Hegeman Whitman 
Estelle L. Jenney 
Katherine Kelley Gaul 

Virginia Smieding Fenn 
Sylvia H. Solari 
Eleanor L. Steele 
x Madelyn Stover McGarry 

Life Members 
Ruth A. Buffington 
Helen McNab Willand 
Helen Wahlquist Shenning 


Margaret Anderson Gage 
Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 
x Bernice Cunningham Smith 
Mary Freeman Wisdom 
Frances Hall Anderson 
Hazel Kramer O'Donnell 
Elizabeth Oppel Morris 
Margaret Rix Cole 
L Madeleine Roth White 
Charlotte Russell Pellini 

Other Life Members 
Margaret Beck Hamlin 
Helen Duncan Devereux 
Dorothy Hale Brown 
Sara Mackay Roblin 
Elinor Stevens Stockman 


Esther T. Josselyn 


x Gladys Boardman Amos 
Sylvia Chandler Hooker 
Minerva Damon Ludewig 
Elinor Day Conley 
Clarice Haines Nevers 
Loretta Krause Eyer 
Marjorie Maxfield Smith 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis 
A. Katheryn Royce 
Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 
Edith Thorpe Van Dine 

Lx Gertrude Bicknell Harvey 

Edith Bronstein Silverman 

Minerva Damon Ludewig 

Elinor Day Conley 

Carolyn Duncan Long 

Clarice Haines Nevers 
L Esther T. Josselyn 

Mary Keim Tietze 

Loretta Krause Eyer 

Marjorie Maxfield Smith 

Rosanna McConnell Wallis 

Dorothy Quimby Faure 

Dorothy L. Quinn 
L F. Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach 

A. Katheryn Royce 

Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 

Evelyn Suor Butterworth 

Edith Thorpe VanDine 

C. Virginia Wellington Fauver 

Ruth Woodman Higginbotham 

Other Life Members 
Lilly Butters Schwartz 
Alice Crawford 
Lucy MacLeod Helm 
Madalyn Patten Hoberg 
Janette Smock Simpson 



Lillian G. Bethel 


Lillian G. Bethel 

Christina Finlayson Dana 

Kathryn W. Forgey 

Helen Head MacFarland 

Caroline Hopkins McLean 

Edith Hussey Adams 
x Bernice Kent Ennis 
x Julia Klingensmith Frey 
x Alice M. Nydegger 

Hester Shaw Gordon 
L Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 

Other Life Members 

Margaret Behrens 
Margaret Newman 


Alice Pratt Brown 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 
Julia Clausen Bowman 
Emily Crump Ramstetter > 

Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson ; 

Harriet Holt Buker 
Marion Kingdon Farnum 
Betty Lyman Zsiga 
Helen Ohm Kingsman 
Marjorie Parrish Green 

Lx Ruth Beckley Brown (Deceased) 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 

Constance Chalmers Harlow 

Julia Clausen Bowman (Deceased) 

Dorothy Cole MacRae 

Emily Crump Ramstetter 

Katharine Edwards Bennett 

Dorothy England Chester 

Jane E. Gray 

Mary Groff Cooper 

Annette Harvey Jensen 
L Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 

Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Eleanor C. Humphrey 
L Marion Kingdon Farnum 

Marjorie Kuehn Brock 

Betty Lyman Zsiga 
x Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
L Alice Pratt Brown 

Jeannette Smith Orne 

Louise Thompson Richmond 

Julia Tiffany Brand 

E. Maude Williams Gittleson 
Barbara Wilson Steele 

F. Ellen Zacharias Cullen 

Other Life Members 
Rosamond Cornell Cannon 
Ruth E. Richards Stripp 
Marion Simpson Lunt 
Helena Willson Hanson 

Elizabeth Day Cook 
Jeanette Gessner Somers 
Helen Morgan Riederer 
Elinor R. Taylor 

Dorothy Camin Rozan 
Joan Collier Cooper 
Corinne Cowdrey Murray 
Elizabeth Day Cook 
Clara Dietz Rosenburg 
Jeanette Gessner Somers 
Clare Hightower Moore 
Eleanor McKenney Black 
Dorothy Meeker Pearce 
Sylvia Morgan Williams 
< Ruth Richardson Pease 
Charlotte Sherman Weiss 
Frances Smith Miller 

Other Life Member 
Dorothy Inett Taylor 


Mildred Bell Cole 

Agen ts 
: Marjorie Keller Mayer 

Lenna Lyon Hill 
! Jane Porter Brown 

Ruth Rohe Smith 

Helen M. Schaack 

Dotha Warner Jope 

Ruth Winslow Neulieb 

Elizabeth Baer DeStaebler 
Ruth Bee Jackson 
Mildred Bell Cole 
Roxanne Christopher Morgan 
Betty Condit Kessel 
Karin Eliasson Monroe 
Clara Giarla Albiani 
x Marion E. Johnson 
x Marjorie Keller Mayer 
Lenna Lyon Hill 
Marjorie Magune Curtis 
Aline Paull Ireland 
x Jane Porter Brown 
Ruth Rohe Smith 
Helen M. Schaack 
Pearl Thompson Hasey 
Dotha Warner Jope 
Frances Wheeler Sawyer 
Ruth Winslow Neulieb 

Life Members 

Sarah B. Fletchall 
Virginia Riley Richardson 


Gertrude Hooper Ring 


Marjorie MacClymon 
Elizabeth Page Sealey 
Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 

Gertrude Hooper Ring 
Gertrude Horner Mosher 
Enid Jackson Giles 

x Hazel Kelly Swartwout 
Marjorie MacClymon 
Muriel Morse Henrich 

x Nathalie C. Mosher 
Natalie E. Park 
Betty Parrish Newman 
Elinor Small Domina 
Gertrude Stone Baptiste 
Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 
Frances Turner Sleigh 

x G. Althea Ward Weatherhead 

Other Life Member 
Edith Parsons Booth 


Shirley Gould Chesebro 

Grace Dunne Walker 
Barbara Edmands Place 
Dorothy Guest Harney 
Jeanne Heilig Noack 
Elizabeth Mclntire Bennert 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Virginia Ogden Hayes 
Charlotte Phillips Wilkins 
Wilma Silvernail Berry 
Harriet Smith Rawson 

x Sylvia Browning Thompson 
Helen C. Burwell 
Barbara Erickson Rogers 
Shirley Gould Chesebro 
Jeanne Heilig Noack 
Amorette Larcher Skilton 
Maude Lee Bliss 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Charlotte F.M. Ockert 
L Virginia Ogden Hayes 
Wilma Silvernail Berry 
Ruth Stafford Clark 

Other Life Members 

x Laura Dietz Rudginsky 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein 

Phyllis Atkinson Stone 
Barbara Beers Belmont 
Alice Floyd Rice 
x Caroline Frey Anderson 
Helen Gibbs Studley 
L Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
Jane Jensen Bailey 
Marjorie Jones Hopkins 
Barbara Kerr Marshman 
L Celia Kinsley Percival 
Carol Morehouse Jones 
Eleanor Young Antoun 


Ruth Lenahan Kask 

L Charlotte Cahners Glass 

Other Life Member 
Virginia Leahy Berwick 


Priscilla Barber Fitch 
Joan Collier Cooper 

L Julia C. Case 
x Carol Griffin Teich 
Mildred J. Guyett 
Katharine Hartman Macy 


Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Harriet Colwell Reeves 
Charlotte Eames Terry 
Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

L Barbara Iris Johnson 
Pauline Kelly Wraga 
x Margaret Lane Packard 
Roberta Leonard Matthews 
Marjorie Long Maish 
Barbara McKelleget 
Eleanor Meyer Gere 

L Roberta Morrill Buchanan 
Gertrude Morris MacCallum 
Barbara Ordway Brewer 
Sally Swanson Dahlberg 

L Molly Upham Menges 
x Margaret Weber Hodges 

L Priscilla Winslow 
Barbara Young Leach 

Other Life Members 
Barbara King Haskins 
Sophia Latchis Lyras 
x Miriam Nichols 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
Mary-Jane Selby Guerry 


Ruth Buswell Isaacson 

Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
Bili Baxter Perkins 
Virginia Hausler Coster 
Margaret Pearl Ide 
Ethel Stroud Hartley 
Martha Sweetnam Pearson 
Charlotte Weitzman Kaplan 

Selma Amdur Heringman 
Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
Ruth Buswell Isaacson 
M. Barbara Darcey Thomas 
Dorothea Eburne MacLeod 
Dorothy Ell Strong 
x Europa Harris Sherburne 
Priscilla Hay Nichols 
Natalie Hutchison Clouser 
Virginia Johnston Loud 
Jeanne M. Keck 
Arlene Kerr Sonnabend 
Ruth Keyes Wendt 

L Margaret Pearl Ide 
Adelaide Seeley Bull 
x Adelaide Shaffer Campbell 

L Audrey Smith Henderson 
x Georgianna Taber Cotter 
Deborah York 

Other Life Member 
Muriel Ray Hunt 



Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Louise Tardivel Higgins 

Dorothy Acuff Stone 
Frances Austin Beaumier 
x Anne Campbell Terrill 
Dorothy Coffin Amon 
Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Helen Flint Moody 



Louise Hedlund Mercer 
Marjorie Hills Buffington 
Barbara Lane Roper 
Glennys Preston Allicon 
Rae Salisbury Richards 
Lois Small Redden 
x Anne Tipton Gardner 
Louise Visel Redfield 
M. Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Barbara Wheeler Sampson 

Frances Austin Beaumier 
Adele deL'Etoile Breitenstein 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Dorothy Forsstrom Spotanski 
Virginia Gately Hennessy 
Marjorie Gilbert Wiggin 

L Betty Harrington Van Huysen 
Louise Hedlund Mercer 
Marjorie Hills Buffington 
Lucille Huse Chappel 
x Catherine Laffin Mahoney 
Betty Olson Cooper 
Madeline Orcutt Arthur 
Janet Owens DeArment 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Glennys Preston Allicon 
x Mary Ruth Sanford Hall 
Meta Searles Hopkins 

L Marian Sleeper Hall 
x Viola Smith Williams 
Florence Stetson Pipes 

L Louise Tardivel Higgins 
Elizabeth Tracy McCampbell 
M. Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Augusta Williamson Lips 
Elizabeth A. Wisdom 

Other Life Members 

Margaret Harris Abreu 
Eleanor Kenney Hettrick 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 


Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 
Eleanor Pierce Puffer 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
Faye Wadhams Smith 
Elizabeth Yeuell Collins 

Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
Jean Allen Bird 

x Virginia Allen Hartwell 
Virginia Amesbury Stone 

x Eleanor Ayers Evans 
L Betty Black Boynton 
S. Joanne Bohaker Smith 
Elizabeth Clark Brighton 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Marjorie Furbush Gledhill 
Shirley Hanson Carter 
Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 
Dorothy B. Keyes 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 
Alice-Kristine Lockwood Leach 
Eleanore Loeffler Olsen 
Margaret T. McEnerney 
Ruth Meighan Gillette 
Elaine Meiklem Sargent 

Frances Monks Berig 
Carole Myers Lowe 
Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 
Eleanor Pierce Puffer 
Elizabeth Putnam 
Jean Randall Dockham 
Martha Romaine Jones 
L Alice M. Seidler 

Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 
Faye Wadhams Smith 
Virginia Wilhelm Harshbarger 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
Elizabeth Yeuell Collins 

Other Life Members 

Priscilla Barker Neff 
Mildred Birchard Pentheny 
M. Adele Brown 
x Eleanor Dresser Gross 
Constance Hatch Herron 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
Lee Shepard Wilgus 


Margaret Schneider Thieringer 

Ruth Conklin Anderson 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Margaret Fish Allsopp 
Helen Forsberg Powers 
Norma Jacobus Riddle 
Janice Marr Demer 
Cora Pratt Adams 
Helen Richardson Bonander 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 
Harriet Tifft Longley 
Marian Traxler Crum 
x Ruth Waldron Anderson 

Nancy Allen Schmetzer 

x Laura Cobb 

x Mary Corcoran Franich 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Helen Forsberg Powers 
Louise A. Johnson 
Jane Leckie Tracy 
Janice Marr Demer 
Eleanor Parmer Farrar 
Cora Pratt Adams 
Jane Robinson Williams 
Margaret Schneider Thieringer 
Mary Jean Schultz Waddell 
Frances Shepard Pilkington 
Harriet Tifft Longley 
Marian Traxler Crum 
Betty Wallace White 
Parthena Whipple 
x Dorothy F. Williams 

Life Members 
Marjorie Dietz Jacobs 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 



Esther Bennett Quinlan 
Frances Britton Holden 
Dorothy Cooke Leary 
Delpha Corazza Marchetti 
Pauline DiTullio Monaco 
Ruth Fulton Rardin 
Marion E. Gray 
Jeanne Hubbard Brooks 
Jane Hutchison Wulfing 

Mary Mathews Dilts 
x Carolyn McCarty Springer 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Susan Ridley 


Virginia M. DeNyse 

Jane Ansley Sundborg 
Lucille Armand Boyle 
Geraldine Bixby Averill 
Jean Bohacket Pegram 
Susan Cairoli Peck 
Jean Cooney Leitch 
Kathryn Davis Almeida 
Mary Doig Nicholson 
Norma Forsberg Burman 
Lucille Hooker Paterson 
Janet Jansing Sheffer 
Louise Lorion DeVries 
Betty McGrath Brown 
Dorothy Mellen Harwood 
Elna Pollard Hanson 
Alice Jean Townsend Kerslake 
Ellen Visscher Taft 
Marvine Weatherby 
Lucille Wielandt Speight 


Jane Abbott Wiederhol 
Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan 
Lucille Armand Boyle 
Virginia Black DeLong 
Ethel Boudreau Brown 
Dorothy Brewer Carlson 
Ann Buckle Fischer 
Imogene Caney Fair 
Josephine Caruso Kuchera 
Virginia M. DeNyse 
Betty Dungan Norden 
Gertrude E. Fischer 
L Marian Fitts Sternkopf 
Norma Forsberg Burman 
Jane Gallup Devine 

x Lora Green Buckingham 
Mary Hale Shaner 
Lucille Hooker Paterson 

x Margaret V. Jones 
Nancy Keach Paine 
Jacqueline Lander Schofield 
Marie MacGregor Woodward 
Betty McGrath Brown 
Marjorie Mead Carlson 
Dorothy Mellen Harwood 
Lois E. Newton 
Phyllis Nicolson Keller 
Eleanor Pfaff Daly 
Marian Timpson Intemann 
T. Arax Zulalian Johnian 

Other Life Members 
llene Derick Whelpley 
Harriet Hanson Nelson 
Charlotte Lakeman Patt 
Dorothy Stuhlbarg Kopple 



Elizabeth S. Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 
Shirley Armstrong Blount 
x Jean Barnes Butts 
Marion Beers Jamieson 
Barbara Berk man Sherman 
Marcia Corey Hanson 
Eleanor Easterly Vogt 

Shirley Egglefield Royal 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Margaret Grover Scott 
Margaret Homan Kreter 
Phyllis Johnson Klein 
x Helen Keenan Centlivre 
Nancy Larsen Holbrook 
Constance Lynch Walsh 
Katherine Nannery Rafferty 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Ruth Turner Crosby 


L Elizabeth S.Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 

Lx Jean Barnes Butts 

Barbara Berkman Sherman 
Mary P. Bottomley 
Doris Bracher Jenkins 
June Cherry Bruns 
Constance Fanget Driver 
Mary Ann Fisher Espy 
x Margaret Grover Scott 
Charlotte Hall Kelly 
Dorothy Higson White 
Nancy Larsen Holbrook 
Doris Leach Almeida 
Constance Lynch Walsh 
x Shirley Marks Tuck 
Margot Moore Harley 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Marjorie Ray Blackett 
Helen Raymond Schwable 
Elaine Robins Albert 
Virginia Robinson Nast 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Barbara Walworth Starr 
Anne Witney Shea 

Other Life Members 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Mildred Slaunwhite Straw 


Jeanne A. Revene 

Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
Frances Beebe Jones 
Mildred Bond Fincken 
Carolyn Boyce Richards 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 
Frances Church Sampson 
Dorothy Coffin Bauer 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Marilyn Isenberg Barnes 
Lynn Kuch Jones 
Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 
Dorothy Marr Peckham 
Eleanor Millard Parsons 
Eloise Moffett Harper 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elizabeth Moore Young 
Barbara S. Pearson 
Elaine Towne Batson 
Joyce Wagner West 
Shirley Wolcott Wells 

L Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
Dorothy Bentley Grant 
V. Jean Brigham Martin 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 

x Jane Cook Cardoza 
E. Ruth Davenport Walker 
Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 

Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Barbara S. Pearson 

Jean Perry Thompson 

Ann Preuss Gillerlain 

Janet Reid Sherwin - 

L Jeanne A. Revene 

F. Marian Rushton Miller 
L H. Elizabeth Schmidt Morrill j_ 

Virginia Shaw 

Olive N. Swanson 

Christine Turnbull Jensen 
L Joyce Wagner West ; 

Elizabeth Walker Young 

Other Life Members 

x Phyllis Edmiston Olstad 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Priscilla Houghton 
Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman |_ 
Martha Maddock Heffner 
Grace Marble Philbrick 
Joan Moller Brown 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elsinor Prouty Mallory 


Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Anne Calder Dick 
Betty Fleer Cooper 
Millicent Greason Booth 
Shirley Haviland Woody 
Margaret Hermann Raiche 
Eleanor Kimmey Shaw 
Ruth Perkins Goodwin 
Elfreda Reck Dubin 
Peggy Revene Winans 
Barbara Staples Virgie 
Dorothy Tobin Staffier 
Imogene Williams Genewich 

Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 
Jean Campbell 
Eleanor Del Bianco Kosow 
Jessie Doig Clark 

Mary Elizabeth Donnelly Chapman 
Barbara Goodwin Flint 
Joe Leroy Bra mm 
Jane Maynard Robbins 
Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 
Ruth Perkins Goodwin 
Elfreda Reck Dubin 
Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Other Life Members 

Norma Dietz Tarlow 
M. Shirley O'Connor 
Ann Scott Lauer 


Dorothy Piper Bottalico 

June Ahner Gilroy 
Eleanor Bradway Lammers 
Lillian Feneley Cooley 
Naomi Lederman Grossman 
Marion Munro Waitt 
Priscilla Otis Drew 
Barbara Preuss Reynolds 
Drucilla Roberts Bickford 
Susanne Ross Westberg 
Elsie Simonds Follett 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil 
Martha Stonebraker Ely 


, Miriam H. Black 
Ursula Burns Keely 
Marguerite Clark McManus 
Emma Gilbert Carver 
Shirley A. Gleason 

: Mary Hammill Meagher 
Jean Henry Goggins 
Marilyn S. Keyes 
Rosamond Lees Gow 
Elaine Macdonald Aldrich 
Priscilla Otis Drew 
Constance Pettigrew Edie 
Annette Saacke Cherry 
Martha Stonebraker Ely 
Althea Taylor Goldberg 
Barbara Wentworth Dean 
Doris Winkemeier Dieffenbach 

Other Life Members 

Elizabeth D. Knox 
Naomi Lederman Grossman 
Elaine McQuillan Marston 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil 


Marjorie Norris Harris 

Marilyn Blodgett Hall 
Margaret Harman Salisbury 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Lee Parker McBurnie 
Constance Wilbur Dowden 

Beverly Andres Rydell 
Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Carol A. Cooley 
Dorothy Crathern French 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Ruth W. Goldner 
Margaret Harman Salisbury 
Barbara Harris Ryan 
Lennie Lobl Hootstein 
Patricia Luther Wilkin 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
H. Patricia Marland Lasnier 
Deborah Newton Warren 
Marjorie Norris Harris 
Norma O'Shea Delaney 
Lee Parker McBurnie 
Nancy L. Peterson 
Louise Pool Langley 
Corinne Schlegel Norris 
Janice Schuelke Test 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Joan Walker Doane 
Jean Watson Wetrich 
Kathryn Woolaver Parsons 

Life Member 
x Jean Davis Putnam 


Joan Lambert Laffin 

Margaret Beach Otis 
Elaine Capone Hixon 
Betty Jane Cnossen Whitehead 

Millicent Entwistle Harmon 
Joan Familton Gardner 
Betsy Frew 
Marcia Kesseli Allen 
Linda Koempel Tompkins 
Margaret Leary Hacker 
Betty MacNeil Lentini 
Mary Kay Murray Sutton 
Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson 
Mary Ellen Roberts Gill 
Jean Sharron Strong 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman 

Margaret Beach Otis 
Carol Birath Dennison 
Sarah Cross Finigan 
Joan FitzGerald Cole 
Charlotte Fletcher Kelly 
Jean Hubbard Midwood 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 
Elizabeth Kirby Bartlett 
Marianne Kochli Andrews 
Frances Lake Gray 
Joan Lambert Laffin 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Mary Kay Murray Sutton 
Nancy Noble Ehrman 
Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson 
Gertrude Powers Lawson 
Mary Ellen Roberts Gill 
Ruth Small Stott 
Janet Stearns Gille 
Marion Taylor Sanderson 
Susan Voss Harrigan 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman 
Sally Waters Manning 
Betty Williams McGowan 

Life Members 
Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Olga Diamond Lake 
x Ruth Park Lanier 


Virginia Bailey McAllister 
Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Joanne Block Wilkinson 
Eyvor Briggs Gaskill 
Janet Campbell Woodburn 
Anne Chapman Berl 
Mary Detwiler Fides 
Muriel Diversi Cuddy 
Carol Galligan Massard 
Florence Kenney Havens 
Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 
Judith Macintosh Mennella 
Lois Mc Lucas Martin 
Shirley Miller Carroll 
Eleanor T. Munro 
Dorothy Page Kuehl 
Jacqueline Pfeiffer Lueth 
June Smith Noreen 


Margaret Abrahamian 
Jane Anderson Calhoun 
Dorothy Azadian McKinnon 
Anne L. Behrendt 
Anne Chapman Berl 
Barbara Davis Whipple 
Miriam Day Butcher 
Paula Drake Hodgdon 
Jane Edsall Jacobs 
Louise Gleason Chock 
Ardell Goodman Baker 

x Charlotte Guptill Norcross 
Virginia Hall Anderson 
JoAnn Hanson Long 
Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 
Beulah Kwok Sung 
Frances Lee Osborne 
Judith Macintosh Mennella 
Janet McLaughlin Merkel 
Lois McLucas Martin 

x Patricia Mertz Manning 
Jeanne Meyer Bird 
Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 
Dorothy Page Kuehl 
Elsie Paulson Chapman 
Barbara Rymer Cole 
June Smith Noreen 
Barbara Snook Haggerty 
Shirley Sturm Bullard 
Judith Tracy Shanahan 
Alice Vavoudes Lindblad 
Jeanne Williams Walz 
Dolores S. Winslow 

Life Members 
Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Margaret Hanson Marion 
Florence Kenney Havens 


Nancy Lawson Donahue 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 

Carol Cedergren Salerno 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Pauline Donaldson Converse 
Gloria Ellis Tompson 
Elizabeth Felker Hancock 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
x Ann Mitchell VanDeusen 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Barbara Potier Grey 
Priscilla Randall Hurter 
Emogene Starrett Anderson 
Joan Weiler Arnow 

Ann Ashley Sanderson 
Barbara Berry Roberts 
Phyllis Burckett Ulicny 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Bettie Cooperrider Barrett 
Barbara Davis Collins 
Barbara Davis Canterbury 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Martha Hurd Davenport 
. Nancy Lawson Donahue 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Diane Palady Barry 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Barbara Potier Grey 
Priscilla Randall Hurter 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore 
A. Marilyn Ross 

Bambah Jean Stephenson Riedel 
Jane Wadhams Hazen 
Joan Weiler Arnow 



Sally Hughes Fasick 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt 
Margot Bergstrom Semonian 
Anne Carpenter Towle 
Joyce Davies Harrison 
Lois Form Senft 
Dorothy Goehring Rourke 
Helen Graham Gordon 
Joan Hahn Fern 
June Handleman Gilmartin 
Joan Harrington Price 
Doris Oneal Becker 
Lillian Reese Roche 

Joan Antun Rednor 
Nancy Bean Lord 
Nancy Coggeshall Foose 
Marcia Collingwood Martin 
x Janet Deutsch Bogue 
Mary Dodge Davis 
Joan Dorau Hohorst 
Laura Eckert Gatto 
Marion Ettinger McDonald 
Lois Form Senft 
Nancy Frank Daly 
Dorothy Goehring Rourke 
Nancy Houde Dyer 
Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 
Sally Hughes Fasick 
Carol Husted Schneider 
M. Janice McGoughran 
Dorothy Mills Graef 
Janet Murphy George 
Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian 
Rosemary O'Brien de Belay 
Margaret Olson Belden 
Doris Oneal Becker 
Jean Ostrander Lowman 
Jane A. Perry 
Anne Pomeroy Bailey 
Lillian Reese Roche 
Mary Ribarich Connick 
Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 
Barbara Schnelle Orton 
Winifred A. Schulman 
JoAnne Secor Rier 
June Spottiswoode Beaulieu 
Jacquelyn Temperley Dey 
Dorothy Torner Monahan 
Carmen Welch Clark 
Helen A. Wetherbee 
Jean Woods McNeilly 

Life Member 
Elaine Orth Rodey 


Joan Kearney Cormay 


Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne 
Marilyn Clark 
Anna Fish Shriber 
Joan Groccia Cowan 
Shirley Hannafin Adams 
Carol Hess Recco 
Barbara Hill Breen 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell 
Jean Kilgore Owen 
Rosalie Kolligian Demarjian 
Joan D. Le Frank 

Nancy Mitchell Quinn 
Patricia Raeder Crone 
Katherine Rothe Matson 
Jean Schuster Robbins 
Janice Weyls Moore 
Mary Jane White Miller 
Joan Williams Arnold 
Robin Witt Mosher 
Joanne Zeigler Dupen 

Kathleen Ballard Heck 

x Lorna Becker Harrington 
Marilyn Clark 
Nancy Cusack Smith 
Martha Edwards Whippen 
Libbie Fleet Glazer 
Janet Fornoff Hauber 
Priscilla Freeman McCartney 
Shirley Hannafin Adams 
Carol Hess Recco 
Jean Johnson Knowlton 

x Maureen A. Kane 
Joan Kearney Cormay 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell 
Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 
Roberta Morin Aronowitz 
Ann Murray Reynolds 
Beverly Pink Reynolds 
M. Elaine Quavillon Tull 
Peggyanne Riker Miller 
Nancy Roetting Clifford 
Isabell Stanley Davis 
Anna Stevenson Mangano 
Alice Stover Kachline 
Sally Swainson Callahan 
Nancy Topping Heely 
Mary Jane White Miller 
Janet Wyman Meade 
In Memory: Mary Ellen Wait 

Life Member 
Mary Jane Clark Maurici 


Nancy Cool Kaercher 
Mary Diggs Stafford 
Lois Hickey Treacy 
Barbara Kane Mullin 
Jean McCambridge 
Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Barbara Rost Goodman 
Nancie Shean Roth 
Ann Woods Talbot 

Nancy Allen Banks 
Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 
Mary Comstock Singarella 
Mary Diggs Stafford 
Ann Dudley O'Neil 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
Carol Frank Sweeney 
Joan Hess Brand 
Barbara Kane Mullin 
Meredith MacLean Suzan 
Jean McCambridge 
Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
Mary Moore Plunkett 
Patricia Moulton Cudmore 
Geraldine Paulmier Sutphen 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Joanne Purcell Brooker 
Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 

Nancie Shean Roth 
Joan Siebert Mege 
Rena A. Silverman 
Martha Thomas Hasak 
Barbara Trout Krohn 
Joyce Wardle Chapman 

Life Members 
Marilyn McGuire 
Dorothy Rich Anderson 



Elsie Knaus Klemt 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 

Judith Brewer Campbell 
Phoebe Byrd Gregory 
Nancy Chase Ferguson 
Ruletta Coats Stryeski 
Leonora Coronella Krueger 
Joan Darelius Chirnside 
Louise Dawe Turner 
Cynthia DeGelleke Cole 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Sally Garratt Dean 
Martha Gries Davis 
Jeanette Roberts Mann 
Harriet Hickok Brown 
Barbara E. Howell 
Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 
Althea Janke Gardner 
Marie Kaden 
Jean Smith Di Leone 
Beverly Thornton Hallowell 
Virginia Wilder Melitz 

Priscilla Alden MacDonald 
Nancy Bilezikian Kamborian 
Priscilla Boggs Killian 
Judith Brewer Campbell 
Barbara Brown Fitch 
Mary Louise Burke Alexander 
Phoebe Byrd Gregory 
Nancy Chase Ferguson 
Leonora Coronella Krueger 
Elaine Cowles Doolittle 
Diane Cueny Harden 
Joan Darelius Chirnside 
Louise Dawe Turner 
Marie DiSilva Stocki 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Maureen Fagan Hollfelder 
Audrey Felzenberg Silberman 
x Elizabeth Fried Slater 
Doris Gartner Gould 
Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 
Janet Gleason Nolan 
Joan Godfrey Emmert 
Martha Gries Davis 
Janet Hart Wilson 
Doris Hedblom Hayden 
Deborah Higgins Hergenrother 
Barbara E. Howell 
Elsie Knaus Klemt 
Claire LaLiberte Adler 
Theresa Lopas Speight 
Lois Lubets Allen 
Molly McBride Kalogeros 
Lillian Medhurst Meiggs 
Barbara Morris Louria 
In Memory: Nancy Orr Schultz 
Helen Pearlstein Golden 
Janet Pearson Hauck 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 
Jeanette Roberts Mann 

Joanne Schur Sommers 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 
Jean Smith Di Leone 
Mary Thomas Justice 
Audrey Thompson Rielle 
Joan Wilckens Pittis 
Virginia Wilder Melitz 


Sandra Reynolds Grant 

Rita Keevers Claflin 
Patricia Kelsey Scharf 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Sandra MacDougall Sullivan 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Joan Pickett Morrow 
Sara Rojas Casarella 
Carol Sharpies Pyle 
Marilyn Taylor Ames 


Josephine Angotti Gould 
Ann Chidsey Moebius 
Susan Cluett Stocker 
Suzanne Collins Cleveland 
Marion Crossman MacCallum 
Frances Everets Rosser 
Patricia Flett Lowe 
Lenore Fuller Hoag 
Thelma Greenberg Florin 
Frances Hayden Stack 
Priscilla Head Davis 
Joan Hildebrandt Estey 
Nancy P. Horton 
Susan Johnson Keane 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Carolyn Marino Zentmaier 
Jeanette Marvin Brown 
Janet McElgunn Flynn 
x Mary McLeman Brown 
Sybil Moore Pinkham 
Carol Moulton Hokanson 
Nancy Notte Smith 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Gwendolyn Paul Doughty 
Marjorie Price Johnson 
Shirley Read Lupien 
Sandra Reynolds Grant 
Orelyn Rice Emerson 
Margaret Robson Priddy 
Eleanor Sclare Mazur 
Carol Sharpies Pyle 
Harriet Solotist Grunberg 
Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
Janice Sweet Morsilli 
Priscilla VanDine Redmond 
Joanna Ward 
Mary Patricia Wilson Kane 


Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Betty Boday Fox 
Judith Bowen Drews 
Ann Bottjer O'Donnell 
Rhea Cooney Simonds 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco 
Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Barbara Hammett Mills 
Diana Hendley Cooper 


Charleen Herrling Smith 
Barbara Karasik Davidson 
June McLaughlin Lombino 
Carol Merwin Robinson 
Elaine Montella Butler 
Stephanie Purcell Barton 
Hazel Schoppy Callahan 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 

Thelma Appel Kaplan 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Ruth Birch Bastis 
Patricia Burt Schiewetz 
Carol Ann Cunningham 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco 
Jane Gray Milne 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Patricia Gura Conroy 
Barbara Hammett Mills 
Marcia Harrington McCarthy 
Ann Harris Hughes 
x Judith Hartnett Clavin 
Diana Hendley Cooper 
Janet Holmes Murphy 
Barbara Judd Ozinga 
Barbara Karasik Davidson 
Carol Kenneally Gardner 
Sandra Lally Hovey 
Eleanor Lasky Lapides 
Patricia Lee Oswald 
Nancy Legare Vojtech 
Nancy Lincoln Martin 
Mary Mack Gutsche 
Valerie Montanez Randolph 
Elaine Montella Butler 
Linda Nolin Ahem 
Lucinda Nolin Johnson 
L Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
Stephanie Purcell Barton 
Elizabeth J. Reynolds 
Hazel Schoppy Callahan 
Caroljean Somers Ogrodnik 
Joy Stewart Rice 
Sandra Stone Myerow 
Dorcas Styles Hodgkins 
Gail Swanson Rees 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Angela Tabellario Mitchell 
Susan Thomas Wiard 
Mary Jane Tidman Bridges 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 
Sally Visel Hayes 
Adrienne Vitali Stewart 
Sally Warner O'Such 



Sandra Shelton Fitch 
Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 


Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Alicia Albright Leach 
Mary Augur Wallace 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Joyce Bliss Doyle 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Joan Conley Eid 
Helene Driscoll Kukola 
Thelma Epstein Lapides 
Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell 
Patricia Gammons Dodgen 
Barbara Gorman Trice 
Ann Hastings Peterson 
Ann Hekemian Krikorian 
Sally Herman DeRosa 
Terry Kilgore Mannix 

Elizabeth Larrabee Martin 
Carol LeCompte Cuthbert 
Barbara Murdock Woods 
Susan E. North 
Janet Parmenter Ellinwood 
Carolee Pedusey Virgilio 
Carol Phalen Swiggett 
Elaine Richardson Lefebvre 
Donna Schmitt Gormley 
Margaret Schwingel Kraft 
Beverly Yaghjian Arabian 


Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Alicia Albright Leach 
Mary Augur Wallace 
Ann August Marcus 
Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton 
Betsy Belsterling Jordan 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Louise Bernson Neiterman 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Elaine Card LeFort 
Judy Caswell Allen 
Marjorie Cavallo Olson 
Sarah Churchill Downes 
Joan Conley Eid 
Carol Corning Richard 
Dorothy Craig Kochli 
Eleanor Cranston Hileman 
Patricia Dahlgard Schroeder 
Beverly Danks Rieckers 
Sandra Davis Hudson 
Hanna Den Hartog Abrahams 
Priscilla Driggs Bevin 
Helene Driscoll Kukola 
Janice Engstrom Barbato 
Thelma Epstein Lapides 
Deborah Farnum Varney 
Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell 
Gail Frank Wells 
Ann Hastings Peterson 
Patricia Holland Bird 
Diane Keenan Partnoy 
Suzanne Kellner Canfield 
Terry Kilgore Mannix 
Judith Littlefield Clark 
Patti Lockwood Blanchette 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 
Joyce Maroni Gomes 
M. Joan Morris Frank 
Frances Nettleton Konsella 
Diana Neusner Shapiro 
Gail Papin Hogan 
Penny Rafkin Hurwitz 
Barbara Richman Elliot 
Carolyn Scherer Butler 
Evelyn Shear Pinsof 
Sandra Shelton Fitch 
Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 
Nancy Smith Marchese 
Phyllis Steckler Thomas 
Katharine H. Taft 
Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas 
R. Ann Yetter Thomas 


Mildred Berg Cunningham 
Edith Berger Kaplan 
Ann Bidwell Sanborn 
Virginia L. Bruce 
Sally A. Collins 
Marjorie Day Grosjean 
Dorothy Fenley Manning 
Virginia Field Coburn 
Norma Gamins Wise 
Patricia Howe Bassett 

Frances Howell Rodenhizer 
Marcia James Carthaus 
Caroline Killam Moller 
Judith Komito Oster 
Lora Lee Shin 
Judith Leventhal Winer 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe 
Patricia McAuley Haines 
Sally Payne Perley 
Carol Preater Feldmann 
Evelyn Sanders Brewster 
Charlene Sargent Kiley 
Nancy J. Sommer 
Joan Stanford Chase 
Margaret Zipf Metzler 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 
Constance Baker George 
Audrey Biggerstaff 
Jeanne Bradner Spackey 
Susan Clary Delahunt 
Ann Lou Dunkel 
Mary Ann Fuller Young 
Elizabeth Hambro Burnes 
Marion Heinsohn Mitchell 
Janet Hicks McCoy 
Nancy Maloney Coyle 
Carole Paolino Pliakas 
Brenda Pioppi Balboni 
Ann Reeves Schmid 
Sandra Sheller Lewis 
Kim Steen Odle 
Bette Stubbe Carcano 
Elaine Tracey McCarthy 
Starr Tupper Shannon 
Susan VanHorn VanArsdale 
Judith Watson Lewis 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Constance Wolcott Mason 

Barbara Batty Brown 
Andrea Bischoff Houser 
Jeanne Bradner Spackey 
Linda Braslow Lefkowitz 
Cathleen L. Burns 
Judith Butler Weppel 
Millicent Carlson O'Brien 
Nancy Cincotti Emmons 
Susan Clary Delahunt 
x Barbara Davis Cohen 
Mary Ann Fuller Young 
Judith George Stephens 
Susan Greenhut Kamras 
Janet Hicks McCoy 
Marian Hume Tibbetts 
Mary Landini Doyle 
Ellen Mahoney Simmonds 
Nan McAuliffe Clare 
Janet McPherson Pretto 
Marion Oliver Sutherland 
Myra E. Packer 
Carole Paolino Pliakas 
Carol Ann Perrotti 
Joan Plaskon Tatigian 
Susan Rapaport Paul 
Ann Reeves Schmid 
Patricia Sindall Carolus 
Marsha Singer Marshall 
Kim Steen Odle 
Starr Tupper Shannon 
Susan VanHorn VanArsdale 
Judith Watson Lewis 
Sandra Wilson Joyce 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Jean Wynott Delahunt 



Joan Conradi McLaughlin 
Nancy Rotman Duffy 

Marjorie Borromey Lippert 
Sally Bridger Bridges 
Jean Britton Siano 
Sally Brockway Crawford 
Frances Corthouts Downey 
Karen Daniels Dorney 
Jane Dwyer Carr 
Kathryn Eckert Bodner 
Holly Engel Boyer 
Nancy Gotz Cohn 
Melisse Jenkins Bailey 
Suzanne Paige Cook 
Sandra Poole Adams 
Janet Roy Procino 
Claire Salamanis Lyons 
Mary-Ann Stackpole Johnson 
Priscilla Wakeling Patton 
Carolyn Wood Brox 

Jean Babcock Watson 
Judith Barnstead Francis 
Sandra Barton Fairchild 
Sandra Bender Oresman 
Christine Bergfalk King 
Beverly Bigelow Young 
Susan Bravman Uretsky 
Sally Bridger Bridges 
Sally Brockway Crawford 
Barbara Case Lipke 
Carole Cohen Wexler 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin 
Frances Corthouts Downey 
Joanne Curtis Island 
Eileen Dahl Lord 
Ann Douglass Wood 
Joanne E. Ferrera 
Elsa Finard Waxman 
Donna Grover Holland 
Anne Hayden Halberg 
Susan Hearne Southwick 
Martha Houle Walsh 
Sandra Kenney Granese 
Linda Kitch Forand 
Dorothy Knobel Somogyi 
Brenda McLafferty Manchester 
Anna Natsis 
Marcia Rideout Stevens 
Nancy Rotman Duffy 
Janet Roy Procino 
Suzanne Saunders Doyle 
Barbara Skolnick Blume 
Carol Slocum O'Brien 
Joan Sycle Norwitz 
Anne Telfer Considine 
Priscilla Williams Espenhain 


Audrey Bergesen Long 
Linda Chiaramonte Mount 
Linda Telfer 


Maury Chenoweth Denniston 
Diane Frankel Shulkin 
Marsha Frommer Crowley 
Susan Gage Barros 
Martha Goodwin 
Lynda Green Scourtis 
Lucinda Hodskins Lindgren 
Muriel Kershaw Shaw 


Gwenda J. Love 
Mary K. McCartney 
Carol Mackay Beams 
Carolyn Ramage Chalmers 
Valerie Rothman Karpe 
Phyliss Stone Blotner 
Claire Sullivan Robinson 
K. Louise Thomson Mitchell 
Joan M. White 
Susann York Stadtfeld 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman 

Marcia Aker Morgan 
Elizabeth Backus Girard 
Beverly Baer Fine 
Charlotte Brown McDowell 
Maury Chenoweth Denniston 
Linda Chiaramonte Mount 
Joan Corthouts Grayson 
x Judith Davis Weiss 
Dianne DeCicco Magrone 
Carolyn Duncan Wixon 
Susan Elsbree Warren 
Lynn Flusser Tull 
Diane Frankel Shulkin 
Susan Gage Barros 
Paulette Goldberg Holliday 
Minna Golden Levin 
Judith Grace Lazarus 
Judith Knaus Kopp 
Jane Kremer Bray 
Colleen H. Light 
Sandra Lund Grouten 
Nancy Maas Bettinardi 
Vivien Miller Spertner 
Sandra Olson Relyea 
Anita Orleck Webber 
Valerie Rothman Karpe 
Mary Jane Sauer Lockard 
Constance Siben Rudner 
Suzanne Spangenberg Straley 
Phyllis Stone Blotner 
Claire Sullivan Robinson 
Linda Telfer 
Joyce Wheeler Gardner 
Judith Whitehill Robinson 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman 



Joan Brodalski DuBois 
Ann Davidson 
Jeannette Zglenicki 

Carolyn Bird Murray 
Charlotte Clinton Clark 
Alexandra Engelhardt Tomes 
Mary George Poor 
Natalie Granchelli Towle 
Laura T. Jensen 
Jane Kendrigan Dzien 
Maryellen King Hardy 
Sheila Komito Levine 
Carole Lamson Burpee 
Mary C. Lucas 
Marilyn Melick Green 
Phyllis Milano Coliano 
Sandra Mueller Sandberg 
Susan Natapow DeBlase 
Virginia A. Orsi 
Pauline Sarrazin Addison 
Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan 
Nan Sparks Hunter 
Eileen Stack Fowler 
Nancy Thomas Dudek 
Lillian A. Ward 


Susan White Ashe 
Jeanne Wickenden Lake 
Jane Wilson Pape 

Brenda Alperin Summer 
Carolyn Bird Murray 
Andrea Busch Moore 
Diane Cassata Pill man 
Barbara Cole French 
Noel Craig Andrus 
Barbara Davis Delano 
Lynn Dawson Jones 
Jan DeMartin Linfoot 
Susan Dennison Harmon 
Margaret Dickson Roberts 
Linda Fait York 
Joan Franke Neustaedter 
Dianne Freeston Barlow 
Diane Hartnett Hawkes 
Elizabeth Hood Russian 
Elizabeth Howard Crosbie 
Laura T. Jensen 
Patricia Kiefer Holt 
Sheila Komito Levine 
Carole Lamson Burpee 
Eleanor Laney Afflitto 
Joan Moeller Thompson 
Susan Natapow DeBlase 
Lynda Niebling Pike 
Virginia A. Orsi 
Jane Parsons Dolbier 
Nancy Pickett Harrison 
Judith Ready Baird 
Rona Ruderman Goldstein 
Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan 
Susan Shaw Abbott 
Nan Sparks Hunter 
Geraldine Weidman Wight 
Lynnda Westendorf Schofield 
Susan White Ashe 
Wendy Wolfenden 
Virginia Wollinger Fisher 


Betsy MacMillan Blackledge 
Andrea Zaletta Giovanniello 

Susan Brooks Weiner 
Linda Burnett Davis 
Francine Cohn Jaffe 
Constance Ferolito Murray 
Virginia E. Fletcher 
Judith Fontaine Guenet 
Beryl Hamlen Morrisey 
Barbara Jillson Keif 
llona Koch Hollar 
Priscilla Lane Jarman 
E. Gwen Lincoln Col ley 
Roberta McKinley Machalek 
Virginia McKinnon Dernavich 
Patricia McNulty Magnotta 
Marcia A. Madden 
Nance Magill Karp 
Betsey Mercer Henderson 
Carol Miller Pekrul 
Jasmin Mueller Gentling 
Doris Orben Campbell 
Carla Perkell Slomin 
Karen Reade Hewes 
Sally Remley Southmayd 
Arlene Royko O'Connor 
Linda Shaghalian Penniman 
Randi Shapiro Cohen 
Karen Smith Grover 
Elaine Sproul Belham 

Linda Strecker Harmon 
Priscilla White Givan 


Linda A. Bald 
June Bishop Engman 
Miriam Bloom Chaiklin 
Muriel Bloom Bruskin 
Jeanne Boyd Austin 
Susan Brooks Weiner 
Linda Burnett Davis 
Patricia A. Buxton 
Barbara Cagle Rojecki 
Pamela Capuano Veek 
Sharon Carley Fitts 
Mary Jane Fallona Sheehan 
Barbara Fitzgerald Edson 
Beryl Hamlen Morrisey 
Fern Keil Pollack 
Betsy MacMillan Blackledge 
Marcia A. Madden 
Betsey Mercer Henderson 
Carol Miller Glassman 
Judith Moss Feingold 
Rosema Mueller Gentling 
Diane Napoli Hall 
Carla Perkell Slomin 
Karen Reade Hewes 
Linda Resnick Baer 
Nancy Roberts Allen 
Randi Shapiro Cohen 
Karen Smith Grover 
Nancy Sporborg Keck 
Elaine Sproul Belham 
Linda Strecker Harmon 
Janice Toran Stucki 
Virginia Tsouros Taylor 
Ann-Perley Wingersky Ireland 
Jodi Wright Levins 
Susan Young Boynton 


Linda Norris Taylor 

Charlotte Brown Whitehead 
Karen Crafts Rodgers 
Carol Cummings Steinberger 
Barbara J. Moulton 
Bonnie Storer Ouellette 
Marcia Wightman Sansoucy 
Diana Wilson Shepard 
Susan Woodruff Bieling 

Dorothy Andler Silber 
Gail Crosby Trafton 
Sandra Damigella Nelson 
Ruth Dunn Souza 
Karen Fox Evans 
Nancy S. Gould 
Sarah Hirst Zvonkovic 
Joann Jacobson 
Linda E. Kaiser 
Dean Knobel Lindsay 
Polly Lavin Fontana 
x Claire Lipton Katz 
Loel Mercer Poor 
Rita Mooney Zassenhaus 
Marjorie Myles Miller 
Susan Nanry Ferriman 
Miriam Robbins Kelly 
Catherine Rovetti Skratt 
Patricia Ryan Cantin 
Harriet Shapiro Nirenstein 
Nancy Sparrow Billings 
Bonnie Storer Ouellette 
Linda Welt Horowitz 


Mary McAtee Barnes 
Claire Monahan Knapp 
Linda Parmenter Goulding 
Janet Ramsbotham Hurt 
Virginia A. Schmidt 
Helene Smith Shippen 
Patricia Washburn Mancivalano 
Donna Whiteley Sieverts 

Con tributors 
Judith Adelson Wein 
Joyce Arkwright Fliedner 
Vivien Ash Hayden 
Jane Boyden Kropp 
Carol Bradley Sullivan 
Penny Brewster Martyn 
Susan Childs Merrick 
Julie Clark Doescher 
Susan Coster Malsin 
Judith Fienemann Kaprinski 
Margery A. Flowers 
Linda Giering King 
Felice Goldman Resko 
Susan Hodges Metzger 
Susan Humphreys Klein 
Nancy Huntington de Lima 
Nancy J. Lonergan 
Claire Monahan Knapp 
Sara-Jane Osborne 
Jane Pearson Kurz 
Bonnie Phelps Retkevicz 
Ruth Sawyer Staley 
Linda Shafer Polevoy 
Andrea Siegal Cohen 
Judith Stone Matthews 
Robin Strauss Shapiro 
Francia Vishno Blitt 
Donna Whiteley Sieverts 



Nancy Currier Wenz 
Linda Foster Nixon 
Marjorie Story Brown 

Cynthia Ames Rutan 
Sally Beaven Garfall 
JoAnn Benoit Thomas 
Laurel Brown Bickell 
Paula Burstein Bilow 
Susan Calder LaMarine 
Helen Cassam Kovacs 
Susan Dangel Rabin 
Anne DeArment Naples 
Deborah DeStaebler MacGowan 
Danna D. Donnelly 
Elizabeth Garfield Thompson 
Elizabeth L. Gillette 
Dorothy Hodgson Rea 
Mary Ann Griffin Lally 
Susan Layng Bogle 
Robin Paulding Chisholm 
Beverlee Pembroke Hill 
Janet Perkins Thompson 
Mary Sprague Kirk 
Gay A. Urban 
Joan Vaidulas Winterson 
Susan Warnick Krueger 
Linda Wilson Olson 
Judith A. Winters 

Elisse Allinson Share 
Sally Beaven Garfall 
Susan Constantine Trumbull 

Susan Dangel Rabin 
Doris Davis Ross 
Anne DeArment Naples 
Deborah DeStaebler MacGowan 
Danna D. Donnelly 
Linda Foster Nixon 
Lee Gissler Andera 
Katherine Healey Marella 
Margaret Jacobs Kleiman 
Gail Jacobsen Isaksen 
Susanne Johnson Nicolazzo 
Susan Layng Bogle 
Eileen Mann Levitan 
Ann Marie Mattioli 
x Lydia E. Moissides 
Janet Muir Garrity 
Karen Pedersen Silverthorn 
Catherine Sanford Nurmi 
Louise Schwartz Rose 
Mary Sprague Kirk 
Elinor Stone Ross 
Marjorie Story Brown 
Helene Viener 
Linda Weiner Rosenfeld 
Lynn Wemple Cooley 
Karen E. Wiley 
Linda Wilson Olson 
Ann Woodbury McWilliams 
Martha Wright Potter 
Susan Yenkin Leffler 
Carol Zall Lincoln 


Susan Ellis McLaughlin 
Linda L. Ferris 
Gail Williamson 

Nancy Andrews Allaire 
Arlyn Baker Sadowski 
Linda Beardslee 
Ann Canedy Parisien 
Penny Colpitts Warren 
Margherita C. Guillaro 
Marsha L. Howe 
Mary Lloyd Zaragoza 
Elinore Lowe Kinczel 
Nancy Olson Lamparelli 
Alice E. Reeves 
Nancy Reeves Peterson 
Susan Ruby Pomer 
Anne C. Smith 
Virginia H. Wolf 

Con tributors 
Joy Abercrombie Dooley 
Nancy Ackoff Krupp 
Anne Ames Heimbach 
Laura Arcari Amara 
Nancy B. Black 
Barbara Caron MacLean 
Susan Case Anderson 
Cynthia Cattanach Harding 
Penny Colpitts Warren 
Kathi Conners 
Nan Eisenstein Speller 
Deborah P. Fineberg 
Diane Gelfond Stellar 
Carolyn Graham Romyn 
Marsha L. Howe 
Judith Hunt Franz 
Patricia Lamarre Southworth 
Elinore Lowe Kinczel 
Gail MacLean Helmkamp 
Marcia Moore Reed 
Christine Passmore Khoudja 
Alice E. Reeves 
Nancy Reeves Peterson 

Elizabeth Reitman Lowenstein 
Roberta Rogers Shore 
Susan Roby Pomer 
Lois Sawyer Caulf ield 
Lynn Stern Fields 
Martha Sweetser Wright 
Nancy Tallman Torgler 
Susan Wakeman Meier 
Marion Wheeler Kimball 
Gail Williamson 


Nancy Begg Halsted 
Christine Chirgotis Theuerkauf 
Barbara Coughlin Miff 
Holly Dean Okerholm 
Norey Dotterer Cullen 
Sheila M. Flathers 
Denise Koules Katsaros 
Lynda Latvis Marandos 
Judith Locke Harrigan 
Gail Mooz Seagren 
Kathryn Morgan Lucey 
Susan Moskell Walters 
Karen Roden Nilsson 
Carol A. Shapiro 
Susan L. Swanson 
Susan Swienckowski Beck 
Anne Williams Genock 


Susan Bates Kenney 
Claire Bertonis Hannon 
Linda Cohen Newman 
Cynthia Dowd Wallace 
Laura V. Druker 
Elizabeth Ensor Garcia 
Patricia Hallock Wehle 
Jackie L. Hoffmeier 
Laurie Kanters Badzin 
Nancy Medbury Bartlett 
Edith Mossberg Medoff 
Roberta Munce Hayward 
Susan Pegues 
Stephanie A. Pendleton 
Cynthia Rardin Crawford 
Mary Lou Rossano 
Melinda D. Smith 
Melissa Smith Hubbard 
Carol Spindler Picciano 
Ann Sterner Hyland 
Sherry Swain Dey 
Janice Taylor Perruzzi 
Patricia A. Thayer 
Elizabeth A. Wissman 


Kathleen Ahearne Pedrick 
Linda Brooks Golden 
Kathleen J. Cooper 
Nancy Davis Forman 
Janet M. DeVito 
Maryrose Eramo 
Barbara Felt Stephenson 
Laura Glass 
Shelley Gray Krug 
Andrea Hansen Ritchie 
Sarah Holbrook Holt 
Barbara Johns Rufino 
Susan Judd Griswold 
Janet L. Kaull 
Constance R. Leavitt 
Maryann Mitchell 
Marie Rondeau Elkins 
Shirley Eaton Schwartz 

Janet Sheffer Kerney 
Bernette Sorgman Waxman 


Carol N. Abelson 
Phyllis Aikens 
Linda S. Campbell 
Diana F. Cioffi 
Linda Fogle Bailey 
Barbara Gantz Klein 
Jean Goon 

Suzanne Gordon Hulme 
Joan E. Holbrook 
Joan E. King 
Susan J. Malmad 
Nancy E. Parisi 
Sharon Perkins 
Susan S. Weil 
Harriett I. Zitser Hennes 


Mary Bailey Hansen 
Ellin L. Blumberg 
Cathy Demain 
Susan Johnson Roach 
Nancy P. Kuehl 
Lori A. MacDonald 
Karen A. Manchon 
Ann C. Puffer 

Matching Gifts 

Aetna Life and Casualty Company 

American Airlines 

American Optical Corporation 

Associated Spring Corporation 

Bank of New York 

Chase Manhattan Bank Foundation 

Connecticut General Insurance Corporation 

Continental Can Company 

Continental Corporation Foundation 

Corning Glass Works 

CPC International Incorporated 

Esso Education Foundation 

General Electric Foundation 

Gillette Company 

Hartford Insurance Group Foundation Incorporated 

I.B.M. Corporation 

I.B.M. — World Trade Corporation 

International Paper Company Foundation 

Johnson and Johnson 

Kidder Peabody Foundation 

Krando Foundation 

McGraw-Hill Incorporated 

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Foundation 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company 

National Biscuit Company Foundation 

Northeast Utilities Service Company 

P.P.G. Industries Foundation 

Norton Company 

Riegel Textile Corporation Foundation 

Time, Incorporated 

Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby, Incorporated 

The Travelers Insurance Company 


High School 


Woodland Park 

Life Members 

Katharine M. Anthony 

Bertha McNerny St. Amand 

Faculty and Administration 

Ruth Lindquist Brinton 
Margaret W. French 
Muriel R. McClelland 
Eleanor S. Perley 

Club Gifts 

Connecticut Valley 
Fairfield County, Connecticut 
Gold Coast, Florida 
Greater Boston 
Philadelphia-South Jersey 
Rhode Island 
Southern California 
Washington, D.C. 




Alice Mott Stewart '01-02 writes: 
"Was so glad to receive the recent 
bulletin and to see a picture of Prof. 
Winslow, whom I recall with pleasure. 
He taught 'my' Chemistry class; am 
delighted he is so favorably remem- 
bered and honored. Another of my 
favorite teachers was Miss Austin; 
she and Prof. Winslow were married 
not long after I left. She was a sweet 
person — the marriage was no sur- 
prise! Incidentally, I am still cor- 
responding with a friend I made 
during the year I attended the Sem- 
inary — have seen her but once since. 
She is Mary Goodwin Olmsted of 


Clara Huttenbaur Levy '07 and Grand- 
son Robert 

From Clara Nims: "In November 
Julia Potter Schmidt '06 spent a 
week with me. She visited relatives 
and friends in California before going 
to Florida where she will spend the 
winter with her daughter." 


We share Constance Blackstock's 
Yuletide letter with her many Lasell 
friends: "A Merry Christmas! May it 
be a very joyous one as families 
gather together to celebrate this hap- 
piest of holidays. 

"In the midst of so much conflict, 
our hearts are full of thanks for the 
abundance of good will that is ex- 

tended to those in need. 

"God grant that 1973 may see the 
end of the senseless bombing in 
Indochina. . . . May the New Year 
also see the end of terrorism in the 
Middle East. Our prayers go out for 
the problems confronting the Christ- 
ian Church and Community all over 
the world. Some of us naturally think 
of those places where we have 
worked. We pray for special wisdom 
at this time for the leaders of 
Christian education in Pakistan. . . . 

"However, in the midst of all these 
conflicts we find many rays of hope. 
My prayer for you this Christmas and 
New Year is the Old Gaelic one: 
May the roads rise with you 
And the wind be always at your back, 
And may the Lord hold you in the 

hollow of His hand." 


From Secretary Marion Hale Bot- 
tomley: "The Holidays brought 
messages from six classmates. Re- 
membering that it has been 62 years 
since our Lasell graduation, I think 
the response is fine! A very lovely 
calendar came from Nell Carneai 
Drew, who gave her winter address: 
3024 N. E. Center Avenue, Fort 
Lauderdale, Fla. Tot McLean Hunt 
wrote mainly about the grandchildren 
— Hara is teaching English to French 
children in Quebec City. The other 
three grandchildren are either in 
business or in college. Milded Snyder 
Grant is living in a retirement home 
at 825 Jefferson Street, New Orleans, 
La. 10115. She is not too far from her 
daughter's home. Daughter Betty 
Grant Smith (Lasell '41) lives in 
Beaumont, Texas; Walter, Jr. is in 
Pascagoula; her married son, an 
intern at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, 
has been entertained by Tot McLean 
Hunt. Julia Hamilton Peters' beautiful 
card was a copy of her son's painting 
— a group of elk in the western 
mountains. Last summer Julia and 
her brother enjoyed an Alaskan vaca- 
tion — via ship through the Inland 
Passage. Julia now lives, year round, 
at Country Club Towers Apartment 
in Great Falls, Montana. Irma Levi 
Levy continues to enjoy bridge, 


parties and the 80° weather in Sara- 
sota, Florida. Her oldest grandson is 
now associated with a large law firm. 
Margherita Dike Hallberg, now a 
great-grandmother, keeps active and 
enjoys life in Laguna Hills, California. 


Harriet Fera French reports sister 
Lavinia's (Fera McKinney '16) 50th 
wedding anniversary "a gala occa- 
sion. Lavinia received letters from 
her Lasell roommate, Lena Hauck 
Johnson, and her torch-bearer, Jo- 
sephine Burt Wright '17." 


Sarah Pauline Wild Gordon and 
husband divide their time between 
homes in Pasadena and Alamos, 
Mexico. Earlier this year they enjoyed 
a delightful cruise via private yacht 
from New York, through the Panama 
Canal, up the Pacific to Acapulco. 


Mr. George Harris, husband of 
Margot Lovering, died suddenly on 
January 11, 1973. The Class extends 
sincere sympathy to Margot, to her 
son and to daughter Ann Harris 
Hughes '55. 


The Sunshine Society of Walden, 
New York acknowledged Dorothy 
Millspaugh as their Sunshine Lady — 
Woman of the Year for 1972. Dorothy 
was born in Walden and grew up in 
the Sunshine Society founded by her 
grandmother and continued by her 
mother. Most of her life she has been 
involved in Girl Scouting and also 
has been an active member of the 
Walden Woman's Club. She is on its 
executive board and has served 
several years as chairman of the 
Cabin maintenance committee. 


Margaret Anderson Gage writes: 

"Have just finished reading and en- 
joying the Lasell Bulletin, and having 
spent two very happy years at Lasell, 
I would like to make a contribution 
to the G. M. Winslow Bookshelf in 
memory of Mariesta Howland Bloom, 
our Class Secretary who kept track 
of us all. It is always with regret that 
I find nothing in the 1926 Class 
Column. Last summer my former 
roommate, Frances Vail Pollack, 
visited us, and at Christmas I had a 
lovely letter from Minerva Damon 
Ludewig, who reported a grand time 
at 1927's Reunion. And there were 
notes from Madeline Roth White, Dot 
Hale Brown and Marion Brown 

"Last fall my husband and I — he is 
a Stanford graduate and Harvard 
Business School '26 — were looking 
forward to a New England tour. We 
had planned to stop over at the end 
of the tour in Boston and once again 
visit Lasell and Harvard. Unfortu- 
nately, my husband suffered a stroke 
in May; we hope to make the tour 
in September '73. If so, Lasell is a 


Pauline LeClaire Reiter has been 
installed as president of the Woman's 
Auxiliary to the Medical and Chirurgi- 
cal Faculty of the State of Maryland. 
She is a charter member of the 
Woman's Auxiliary to the Baltimore 
City Medical Society and served as 
its president in 1969 and 1970. Polly 
and Dr. Reiter, whose specialty is 
internal medicine, have two children. 
Their son, Robert Jr., lives in Balti- 
more and has three children. Daugh- 
ter, Ann Sargent Reiter, received her 
BS degree in nursing at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland and is now working 
for the Veterans Administration Hos- 
pital in Washington, D.C. The Reiters 
have traveled extensively throughout 
this country, the British Isles, Europe 
and the Middle East. Polly's ties with 
medicine are evidenced not only 
through her marriage and medical 
auxiliary work, but also through her 
hobby, studying the history of medi- 


Excerpts from Karin Eliasson Mon- 
roe's Christmas letter: "The Monroes 
have become devoted Islanders here 
in this beautiful small community 
(Coronado, Calif.) surrounded by 
good friends including many of 
Hank's U.S.N. A. classmates who will 
be celebrating their 40th reunion this 
coming year. Our Kay, at seventeen, 
is an enthusiastic High School Senior 
— very active in all sports and stu- 
dent government. In anticipation of 
college next year, we visited many 
California colleges during her spring 
vacation. In late summer we had a 
glorious month's visit out here with 
our Sally, John, Christopher (who will 
be three on Christmas Day), and their 
precious new little Jennifer. The 
Longs (Ann and Dave with Karin, 7, 
and Kristin, 4,) continue to enjoy 
Germany but really look forward to 
stateside leave next summer. 

"On September 25, we celebrated 
our 30 wonderful years together at 
a dinner party with friends, after 
which, as a complete surprise to the 
bride, the groom drove her to the 
DelCoronado Hotel where he had 
reserved the Bridal Suite replete with 
champagne and flowers — a perfect 
celebration except the bride had to 
leave her groom at 8 a.m. to go home 
to 'bake a cake' for the church. How- 
ever, she returned to the suite and 
we toasted another 30 years." 


The new — and "retirement" — ad- 
dress for Helen Champane Trook is 
Box 165, Hancock, N.H. 03449. 
Helen's son, David, is Expedition 
Coordinator for Educational Ex- 
peditions International (EEI), a non- 
profit organization which develops 
and manages field expeditions led by 
distinguished scientists to research 
sites around the world. EEI was 
established for the purpose of involv- 
ing small, carefully-selected groups 
of enthusiastic and responsible non- 
specialists in actual physical partici- 
pation in field research. These 
expeditions are not tours but are 


bona fide research projects made 
accessible, under the auspices of 
Educational Expeditions International 
and the Smithsonian Institution, to 
those special persons who are stim- 
ulated by adventure. 


Barbara Heath Ramsay plans to 
return to "winter in Florida" after 
spending the holidays in Cleveland. 
She enjoys frequent visits with Molly 
Upham Menges, a winter resident of 

Ever one of the "busiest," Harriet 
Colwell Reeves reports: "All the 
Reeves Clan will be together during 
Christmas Week. Ann (Reeves Schmid 
'58), John, Lindsey and Robert will 
come from Lexington, Kentucky. John 
has received a promotion; they will 
move to Falls Church, Virginia after 
the first of the year. Probably the 
happiest event of the year was 
the 'homecoming' of Nancy (Reeves 
Peterson '66), Gary and Kelly to 
Akron in June after two years with 
Uncle Sam at Fort McClellan, Ala- 
bama. Dr. Gary established practice 
with a fine senior doctor in Akron — 
they have a new home — and for 
them, this will be a particularly 
happy Christmas! Alice (Reeves '66) 
is as busy as a beaver during the 
year as special events coordinator of 
O'Neils, the department store group 
of the May Company Chain. For her 
there have been many trips, including 
New York and a spectacular fashion 
show in October — "Bravo Italiano!" 
Katy turned 18 in March; graduated 
from Old Trail High School in June, 
winning the French Award. Spent 
June and July studying in France; 
enrolled as a freshman at Depauw 
University in September. Pledged 
Delta Gamma — made the tennis team! 

"It was one of the busiest years 
ever for RLR — United Fund, Jr. 
Achievement and Stan Hywet Foun- 
dation Campaigns in Akron. There 
was considerable business traveling 
including three trips to Europe. Har- 
riet? Busy as ever, including City 
Hospital and the 'Potted Planters' 
group. Yep — a busy year — and much 
to be thankful for in 1972! All of us 

wish for all of you — Good health and 
Much happiness throughout the New 


Audrey Smith Henderson says: 
"Here's some news — taken from 
Christmas cards. Am sure it will be 
of interest for the LEAVES: 

From Peg Pearl Ide: Sometimes 
wonder if I'll ever make it back to a 
Lasell Reunion. We are rapidly reach- 
ing the end of family graduations — 
so perhaps there is hope. We're 
looking forward to having Mary, her 
husband and their new son, Ben- 
jamin, home for Christmas vacation. 
That makes four grandchildren for 
us — Tim has two boys and a girl. 
Rob, our youngest, is at UVM, en- 
gaged to a wonderful girl — there will 
be another Ide wedding this summer. 

From Phyl Gunn Rodgers: Art and 
I are waiting anxiously to hear from 
Burlington, Vermont — Alan and wife 
Peggy have just made us grand- 
parents for the first time. We are 
busily engaged in discussing col- 
leges, courses, loans, scholarships 
and other pertinent information — Pam 
really wants a degree in Music Edu- 
cation with a liberal arts background. 

From Marge Bassett MacMillan: 
Another good year for us — Betsy 
(MacMillan Blackledge '62) and David 
have moved to Clovis, N.M.; Jeanni 
and Bob are in Boston; John and 
Cindy in Orange, N.J. Scott grad- 
uated from Tufts in June and is 
working for a Boston engineering 
firm. Nancy is with us — commuting 
to Katherine Gibbs in New York. 
Gordon keeps almost too busy with 
the Lodge (which he enjoys) and the 
never-ending home-owner's chores 
(not so enjoyable). I finally stopped 
talking about going back to work and 
did something about it — took a part- 
time job in September in the Field 
Service Department of Scholastic 

From Marjorie Reed Colley: Bunt 
was in a serious automobile accident 
in Eastham in July 72 — spent 73 
days in the Hyannis Hospital. Haven't 
seen anyone from Lasell this year. 

From Ginny Johnston Loud: We've 

bought a small retirement home in 
Chatham, but won't move until this 
one is sold. 

From Natalie Hutchison Clouser: I 
retired on June 1st ('72) and love 

From Helen Saul Foxwell: Dave 
graduated from college in June and 
was married on November 18th. We 
are very happy to have a daughter-in- 
law; they live in an apartment about 
12 miles from us. 

From Adelaide Seeley Bull: Happy 
to report I am quite recovered from 
two years of surgery and assorted 

From Deb York: All's quiet on the 
Florida front — too quiet!!! 

From Bili Baxter Perkins: Many 
memorable events occured this year 
— May 26th was most important of 
all . . . RETIREMENT! We have done 
so much since then that I sometimes 
wonder if Ray is "retired" or "re- 
tired." Early in June we headed west 
to two very different conventions. 
First to Houston, Texas for the Rotary 
International — on to Palm Springs, 
Calif, to the Classic Thunderbird 
Club International Concours, limited 
to owners of 1955-56-57 T-Bird autos. 
One week after returning to Sarasota, 
in July, our bags were repacked, the 
station wagon loaded and we headed 
for our summer home in Christmas 
Cove, Maine. We avoided the main 
highways; had a delightful trip. In 
mid-October we started South, once 
again taking the "back roads" — 
enjoyed the fall foliage and ran into 
soft, sticky snow in Virginia — just 
enough to be beautiful. It made us 
realize we are thankful to be living 
where we can remember it fondly 
and not have to cope with it. We are 
enjoying our first winter in the home 
we have owned for three years — 
should any Lasell friends be in the 
area, do come over and say Hello. 
Our address: Forest Lakes Country 
Club Estates, 3541 Sea View Street, 
Sarasota, Fla. 33580. 

Audrey closes with a personal 
note: "Nothing much new here. We 
enjoy our little house on the lake — 
and a bit of leisure time, which per- 
mits even doing things like this!!! 
Best wishes to all for 1973." 



Augusta Williamson Lips was "so 
sorry to miss Reunion. Son Pieter 
graduated from Kent State and is 
fortunate to have a job in his special 
field of Graphic Design." 

Of Special Interest: Weddings. 
Elisabeth M. Allicon, daughter of 
Glennys Preston Allicon, and Paul 
Clement on May 13, 1972 at Essex 
Junction Vermont. Constance M. 
Arnold, daughter of Edith Fitzgerald 
Arnold, and Kirk L. Ramsauer on 
June 11, 1972 at Winchester, Mass. 
Diana Gray and Richard P. Higgins, 
son of Louise Tardivel Higgins, on 
August 12, 1972 in McLean, Virginia. 


Cora Pratt Adams issues an invita- 
tion to travelers to Mexico: "Please 
do get in touch — we are rebuilding 
an old Mexican house in Ajijic. We 
will be there from October through 
April. The address: 45A Indepen- 
dencia, Ajijic, Jalisco." 

And Harriet Tifft Longley would 
"enjoy meeting Lasell friends or 
classmates for lunch at the Wellesley 
Inn." Harriet is retired after spending 
15 years as an interior decorator in 
Wellesley. Son Jonathan is now on 
trans-Atlantic duty with the Navy; 
Fletcher, a MBA major at Boston 
University; Jane attends Babson. 

To quote from the Christmas letter 
of Allison (Starr) and Harold Elrod: 
"We're still chuckling at Erma 
Bombeck's hilarious commentary on 
Christmas newsletters, joshing their 
so-full-of-all-good-things style! But 
let's face it, Christmas is a time to 
keep in touch with good friends, and 
who wants to listen to complaints? 
Actually, 1972 has been a good year. 
Our younger daughter, Carolyn, was 
married on August 12th to James 
Taylor of Mamaroneck, N.Y. They 
now live in White Plains; Carolyn 
continues to teach 4th grade here in 
Pleasantville. Older daughter, Joanne, 
made us grandparents for the second 
time with the birth on December 5th 
of Kimberley Elizabeth Layburn. Jo- 
anne, Don, Jennifer and Kim live 
in Ellington, Conn. Terry is now in 

his junior year at Columbia, taking a 
double major in psychology and 
statistics. Last summer he worked 
at Sleepy Hollow Restorations, which 
feature early Dutch habitations on the 
Hudson River. Right after the August 
wedding, we vanished to Maine. 
Allison took her brushes and oils and 
Harold, his newly acquired camera. 
At York, an inquiry at the library 
turned up some interesting genealogy 
involving Indian massacres and the 
like, and an old ancestral home (circa 
1680) still standing just back of York 
Beach. We wish for each of you, a 
healthy and happy year." 


A brief — and too brief — summary 
of the year 1972 for Pat Kieser: 
"Spent three days in Chicago in 
January at a library seminar, and 
audited a new class in Reference and 
Government Documents. Attended a 
Special Libraries Association con- 
vention in Boston in early June; a 
Zonta conference in Columbus (I am 
secretary of the Toledo club); on to 
Cincinnati for Ohio Library Associa- 
tion business. After a week of jury 
duty — a most interesting experience 
— Mother and I spent a long October 
weekend in Toronto — another fine 
experience was a tour of the new 
Blair Museum of Lithopanes in 
Toledo — the largest collection in the 
world. In late August a friend and I 
flew to Seattle, picked up a rental 
car and $50 worth of freeze-dried 
foods, and drove to Olympic National 
Park, a backpacker's paradise with 
over 600 miles of trails. We talked 
with many fine young people on the 
trails; loved the beauty and variety of 
the Park. Early in January '73 I shall 
accompany an artist friend to an 
ancient Mayan city on the Usumacinta 
River, on the border of Chiapas and 
Guatemala on the Yucatan peninsula. 
We'll fly to Merida, explore Chichen 
Itza and Uxmal, take the train to 
Palenque and its wonderful ruins; 
hire a helicopter to take us to Yax- 
chilan, deep in the jungle." 


Two "open letters" for the Class of 

1941 have been received from Cali- 
fornia. Class President, Louise Lorion 
DeVries, writes from 5213 Conant 
Street in Long Beach: "It's always 
fun to get the LEAVES — to hear of all 
the improvements at the College — the 
many new buildings — the current crop 
of students. Do wish more '41-ers 
would send family news. I am now 
co-ordinating teacher for the Child 
Study Center at Long Beach City 
College. Love it!!! Also continue to 
take a course a semester — just to 
keep mentally alert. The DeVries 
family is growing and spreading 
'round the world. We have four 
granddaughters, living close by so 
we can enjoy them. One son lives in 
San Francisco; our youngest son, 
Jim, and his wife are missionary 
teachers in a public high school in 
Ghana, Africa. When I am brave 
enough to have all the necessary 
'shots,' we hope to visit them!!! We 
have lived in Long Beach for 21 years 
and still think it is a wonderful place 
despite smog and taxes!!! Let's hear 
from more of you soon." 

And from 4402 Los Feliz Boulevard 
#201, Los Angeles, comes this word 
from Barbara Hover Lomma: 
Dear Girls, 

Must confess, I have not been a 
very good alumna having neglected 
you for so many years. However, 
back and forth to Europe with a 
period of two and a half years of liv- 
ing in Italy have made me hard to 
find. Then, too, it is hard to realize 
that it has been over thirty years 
since we were all together. 

I have a beautiful third husband 
and have never been happier. Also 
have seven grandchildren. My oldest 
daughter is married to a psychiatrist; 
#2 is the wife of a physicist; and my 
baby (23) is single and living in 
London where she is acting and sing- 
ing. She has worked with Fellini and 
will be back in Rome after the Christ- 
mas holidays. She speaks Italian, 
Spanish and French; adores London 
and this summer traveled with us for 
six weeks on the continent — was a 
big help with the language barrier. 

Me? I am a swinging grandmother, 
busy and writing a book. Would love 
to hear from Lasell friends — especi- 


ally Ruthie McLaughlin Walsh. Are 
there any classmates living in Cali- 
fornia? Do hope 1973 brings all the 
best to all of you. 

. . . B. H. L.- 
Betty McGrath Brown reports: "Our 
oldest son, Jeff, is engaged to a 
lovely young gal — they are now 
juniors at Northwestern; plan an 
August wedding. Rob is sending ap- 
plications to colleges — his #1 choice 
is Cornell. The McGrath clan plans to 
be together on Christmas Eve in 
Cincinnati. Mary's (McGrath Linnen- 
berg '40) youngest son is a freshman 
at Bowling Green." 

Lucille Hooker Paterson accounts 
for her family in Barre, Vermont: "Bill 
is a senior at Keene State in the In- 
dustrial Education Program, and is a 
member of the Ski Team; Joanne is a 
Med. Lab. secretary at Mary Fletcher 
Hospital in Burlington; I'm in my tenth 
year at the Guidance Office at 
Spaulding — never a dull moment! In 
April we had a week's vacation in 
Bermuda — to celebrate our 25th wed- 
ding anniversary." 


The Class extends sincere sym- 
pathy to Arline Krider Roberts, whose 
mother passed away on October 9, 

Claire DeConto Trodella of Win- 
chester, Mass. was a member of the 
committee in charge of the Red and 
White Ball benefitting the work of 
the Greater Boston Association for 
Retarded Children, Inc. The Ball was 
held in December at the Sheraton 


Jane Cook Cardoza sends "Greet- 
ings from Yorba Linda! After eight 
years of teaching nursery school, I 
am assisting my husband in our 
Home Accessory business. Our boys 
are grown — Gordon is in the food 
management business and Bruce is 
attending California State University. 
Nancy, a 7th grader, is enjoying 4-H." 

Our thanks to Gertrude Baninger 

Duquette for sending a new address 
for Florence Pechilis Caramihas — 
P.O. Box 56, Shoreham, N.Y. 11786. 
Joan Moller Campbell's current ad- 
dress is 1403 Front Street #205, 
Lahina, Maui, Hawaii. 

The Class extends sincere sym- 
pathy to Barbara Pearson, whose 
father, Mr. Philip K. Pearson, died on 
January 2, 1973 at the Waltham 
Hospital. Mr. Pearson was prominent 
in local and Boston Masonic circles. 


Gloria VanHam has been appointed 
Coordinator of Alumni Activities for 
the University of Maine at Portland- 

Marcy Carver 
(Emma Gilbert '45) 


The Hall family (Marilyn Blodgett) 
has been reduced to only 3 at home! 
Susan and hubby Don are now living 
in Woburn, Mass. Don is assistant 
manager for a finance company; Sue 
is a practicing Dental Hygienist. David 
has taken up bachelor quarters with 
a buddy in Manchester, N.H. He en- 
joys apartment living and is equally 
enthusiastic about his job with the 
New England Telephone Company. 

Nancy, our high school senior, plays 
powder puff football and lacrosse, 
along with sharing the responsibilities 
as co-chairman of the Senior Prom. 
She is most excited about receiving 
her early acceptance to Lasell. Sherm 
and I are happy, healthy and seem- 
ingly constantly busy with one project 
or another. We look forward to cruis- 
ing the Caribbean waters in March 
and April with friends (we will be 
celebrating our mutual 25th anniver- 
saries!) . . . L. B. H. 


The most recent "Paints and Paint- 
ings" of Dorothy Papani Palmer will 
be on exhibition at the Bare Cove 
Gallery, Hingham, Mass., from Jan- 
uary 26 to February 26, 1973— 
Monday thru Saturday from ten to 


Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 
Inc. of New York announce the 
publication of "Nate The Great" by 
Marjorie Sharmat. The book was re- 
cently reviewed on NBC's TODAY 
Show — unfortunately, for us, without 
the author, Marjorie Weinman. 

Beulah Kwok Sung is taking 
courses in Chinese history and in 
Mandarin dialect at Oakland Univer- 
sity, Rochester, Michigan. After more 
than 20 years, Beulah and her hus- 
band are looking forward to a visit 
with their parents in Shanghai. 


Kay Poore Hamel reports a good 
"telephone" visit with Shirley "Ratsy" 
Simonton Bancroft; was looking for- 
ward to continuing the conversation 
face-to-face — Ratsy's son is a Prince- 
ton freshman. The Hamel children are 
all enrolled in the Princeton Day 
School — enjoying it immensely and 
learning in a healthy atmosphere. 
Thanksgiving weekend was spent 
furnishing the new Condominium in 
Highland Beach, just north of Boca 
Raton, Florida. "In residence" there 
through the winter months will be 
Kay's parents (Pauline Butler Poore 
'21) of Haverhill, Mass. 


The Hamels 

(Mother: Kay Poore '49) 

(Grandmother: Pauline Butler '21) 


The Class extends sincere sym- 
pathy to Mayfie Wheeler McKinley, 
whose only daughter, Pamela, was 
killed in an accident on May 24, 
1972; was buried on her 12th birthday 
in Lake Forest, III. In September 
Mayfie's husband was transferred to 
the Buffalo office of Jones & Laughlin 
Steel Corporation; with their two 
sons, they are now living at 55 Knoll- 
wood Lane, Williamsville, N.Y. 

Robbie O'Brien deBelay writes 
from "Fairways," Chemin du Plan, 
Belmont sur Lausanne, Switzerland: 
"We've been in Lausanne for 11 years 
and just love it! Last April we moved 
into our dream house — complete with 
view of the Alps and the Lake. Rose- 
many, 16, and Paul, 12, are doing 
nicely in the Swiss schools and en- 
joying life in general. I go to the 
States twice a year — of course, see 
Ellen O'Brien Montemurro and Marion 
Ettinger McDonald. Had a glorious 
visit here with Marion last May." 

Jane Abels Eshbaugh has an- 
nounced her candidacy for a seat on 
the Barnstable (Mass.) Board of 
Health. A resident of Barnstable for 
over nine years, she has a record of 
interest in civic affairs. Jane has 
served on the Barnstable Board of 
Appeals; the School Advisory Com- 
mittee; the Committee of 100 and the 
Childrens Protective Service. She was 
chairman of the Barnstable Recycol- 
lects and served on the Barnstable 
Citizens Committee for Regional 
Solid Waste Disposal. 

For The Beckers (Doris Oneal) 
1972 proved a bountiful, exciting 
and fulfilling year. For Dorie it un- 
folded in January when she was 
ordained and installed as an Elder 
in the Presbyterian Church at 
Pluckemin. She finds her position as 
treasurer and member of the Board 
for the Pluckemin Nursery School 
challenging and absorbing. Once a 
month she (with four other gals) 
meets and works with a senior citi- 
zen group. During the spring and fall 
months day trips were planned and 
during the winter arts and crafts 
workshops were held. Dorie is still 
active in the local garden club; works 
as a volunteer each week at the 
Bedminster Library and has joined 
the Chapel Bell Choir at church. 
March was spent at Alta, Utah, where 
they purchased a beautiful condo- 
minium — as a possible retirement 
home — but presently rented during 
the skiing season. 


A grey November's day was bright- 
ened by a visit from Joan Krummel 
Parmele and daughter, Margo, who is 
hoping for a spot on Lasell's roster 
for September 1973. "Krum" and 
husband Greg were looking forward 
to a skiing jaunt to Austria — a visit 
with Ginny Snedeker Marschall and 

Another '52 daughter, applying for 
admission to Lasell, is Shelly Smith 
of Scottsdale, Arizona. Shelly's 
mother, Joanne Stillwell, writes of 
the family's activities: "Son Brad 
presently plans a profession in the 
medical field and has a running start 
at it as a member of the National 
Honor Society and the Future Medi- 
cal Students of Saguaro High School. 
Kathy, a student at Arizona State 
University, is a member of Alpha 
Lambda Delta, a National Honor 
Sorority, and has just become en- 
gaged to Patrick Valentine Kern. 
Shelly is a member of Zeta Gamma 
Phi, a high school Christian service 
sorority; has learned the game of 
football this year — when you're in 
Sun Devil Country it's either that or 
sit and talk to the walls. Jacque is an 
incredible athlete, excelling in most 

sports, but has still to learn that you 
don't beat the boys at their own 
game. Paul and I are about the same; 
he's still traveling over land and now 
sea, and I'm doing a few flicks and 
commercials (what else does one do 
with perpetual dishpan hands). Very 
best good wishes to all Lasell friends 
— how I wish I might have been in 
Auburndale for our 20th!" 

Joan Fischer Bell thoughtfully 
sends a new address: 180 Riverside 
Drive, Basking Ridge, N.J. 07920. 
Son Thomas, a freshman at Furman 
University (Greenville, S.C.), was 
runner-up in the 1972 New Jersey 
high school golf tournament; daugh- 
ter, Linda, is an 8th grader. 

Sarah Grahame Cairns, a former 
West Brookfield (Mass.) school com- 
mittee member, is seeking the three- 
year term as selectman of that town. 
For the past ten years, Sally has been 
involved in the construction business; 
has spent the last three years man- 
aging a Brookfield apartment com- 


From Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger: 
"Our lives have become busier than 
ever. My husband is now the Director 
of Highways for the State of Ohio; 
has written five chapters for a book 
on Right-of-Way Acquisitions which 
will be used as a course text by 
schools and businesses. A year ago 
we became guardians for two nieces 
— now we have four girls and a son — 
ages 10, 14, 14 1 / 2 (son Karl), 15 1 /2 
and 16. About two months ago we 
'adopted' an aging stray beagle — we 
are so glad — she is very sweet. One 
niece, a fine horsewoman, came with 
a pinto named Pete — and in addition, 
a gerbil!!! Our oldest daughter, Marcy 
graduates from high school in June — 
having completed that phase of her 
education in three years. She has 
been accepted at Virginia Intermont 
College, Bristol, Va. Karl, an enthusi- 
astic athlete, became an Eagle Scout 
last July. The other children are in- 
volved in activities too numerous to 
mention. They do, however, keep us 
busy. Ness and I had a delightful late 
November holiday in Phoenix. Very 
best good wishes to all." 



Mary Diggs Stafford enjoyed a mid- 
January visit in California with 
mother, Mrs. Julia Nelson Diggs 
(Faculty '15-17), and adds: "The 
Bing Crosby golf tournament was in 
full swing while I was there — so lots 
of excitement. Our oldest son is 
working for the local newspaper and 
attending classes at the University of 
Nevada. Tommi Ann, a high school 
senior, is engaged to be married but 
wedding plans are two years away 
when David graduates from college 
in Phoenix. She will go to the Uni- 
versity in the fall. Paul is an 8th 
grader; Jackie in pre-school. I am 
working in a museum, recently 
opened here in Henderson (Nev.) — 
it's an exciting job and loads of fun." 


Janet Parmenter Ellinwood is now 
an associate member of the Wilton 
(Conn.) Board of Realtors. Janet has 
joined the firm of Richard Tjader, 
Inc.; is a member of the Wilton 
Women's Club and the Women's Re- 
publican Club. 

Betty Larrabee Martin has been ap- 
pointed Activity Director of the Med- 
Vale Nursing Home in Medfield, Mass. 
Among her early accomplishments 
have been a broadening of the arts 
and crafts program, games, a lunch- 
eon at an early church and participa- 
tion in programs of the Senior 
Citizens at the Youth Center. 


For Marge McKinney Bogdan the 
month of February was the most 
exciting of 1972 — "on the 29th six 
Siberian Husky pups arrived!!! It 
proved lots of fun, lots of work and 
lots of chewed-up socks. Great for 
the kids — Michelle, 9, and Christo- 
pher, 3." 


The Pan-Laconian Federation of 
U.S. and Canada has elected a 
woman as supreme president for the 
first time. Becoming the first member 

of her sex to lead a national Greek- 
American organization is Portia 
Pantages, president of the Boston 
Daughters of Laconia for three terms 
and supreme secretary for the past 
year of the Foundation. Portia was 
recently elected to the board of trus- 
tees of the St. Demetrios Church, 
Weston, Mass., and serves as record- 
ing secretary. A financial adminis- 
trator at Honeywell, Newton, she 
earned her B.A. degree from Suffolk 
University and has taken graduate 
studies at Northeastern. 

Gail Seibert Glover and family have 
left the sunny state of Florida for a 
two/three year assignment in Japan. 
Husband Scott is affiliated with Esso; 
they are looking forward to Tokyo 

Susan Clary Delahunt has recently 
completed a real estate licensing 
program in Hanover, Mass. She has 
received training in legal, technical 
and practical aspects of real estate 
brokerage necessary for the Massa- 
chusetts licensing examination for 
brokers and salesmen. 

Judy Watson Lewis is secretary to 
the Co-ordinator of School and Uni- 
versity Programs at Wesleyan Univer- 
sity, Middletown, Conn. 

Sandy Wilson Joyce was named 
October's Enterprising Woman by the 
town of Hudson, Mass. A past- 
president of the Hudson Garden 
Club, Sandy is chairman of the 1973 
Flower Show, chairman of the new 
Junior Gardening program, a member 
of the board of directors of the 
Central District of the Garden Club 
Federation of Massachusetts; this 
year is president-elect of the Cox 
Street Home and School Association 
of Hudson. 


Joyce Wheeler Gardner, a member 
of the faculties of Garrison Forest 
School and Loyola College, has 
opened her own dance studio in 
Catonsville, Maryland — "The JWG 
Studio of Dance — Ballet for ages six 
to adult." 

Baila Issokson Janock is "busy 
bringing up five active children plus 
one collie dog." 


The Class extends sincere sym- 
pathy to Gail Bingle Staunton, whose 
father passed away on October 7, 

Tammy Rae Pettinicchi 
(Valerie Duval '61) 


Sandy Foundas Connors is princi- 
pal clerk in the Brighton (Mass.) 
Municipal Court; husband Bill is a 
cost analyst for Honeywell in Billerica. 
They are now living at 191 Lake 
Street, Brighton, Mass. 02135. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Baer and 
Family (Linda Resnick '62) 

Susie Cagle Rojecki forwards a 
new address — 18 Union Street, Bran- 
don, Vermont 05733. Her husband, 
Bob, has opened his own wholesale 
business in Rutland; Susie is the busy 
bookkeeper. They have two children, 
Todd Michael, 7, and Tracy Jennifer, 
born January 17, 1971. 


Tracey Jennifer Rojecki 
(Susie Cagle '62) 

Marcia Madden attended the Octo- 
ber Annual Meeting of the American 
Occupational Therapy Association in 
Los Angeles. She served as Boston 
University-Sargent College of Allied 
Health Profession's clinical represen- 
tative to the Occupational Therapy 
Association's Committee on Basic 
Professional Education. 

Michele Nickelsen 
(Lynda Blount '62) 

From Linda Resnick: "On October 
14, 1972 I was married to Robert Alan 
Baer, a photographer with a studio in 
Woburn, Mass. Our family consists of 
Amy Freedman, 4, Jonathan Freed- 
man, 6, and Cynthia Baer, 3; we're 
living at 103 Spit Brook Road, 
Nashua, N.H. 03060. Received a B.A. 
degree in elementary education in 
May from Notre Dame College (Man- 

chester, N.H.) and am teaching kin- 
dergarten at the White Wing School 
in Nashua. Two of my pupils are 
children of Lasell graduates — Dotty 
Andler Silber '63 and Joan Hosmer 
Griffith '63." 


Patricia Perry Polidor is a part-time 
instructor at the John Robert Powers 
School in Rochester, N.Y. Her hus- 
band, a design engineer, is with 
Automation Gages, Inc. Their daugh- 
ter, Tracey Elizabeth, will celebrate 
#3 birthday on March 30, 1973. 


After six years of New York City's 
apartment living, Helene Viener is 
"loving the Southern hospitality — 
fresh air — trees — green grass — clear 
skies of Atlanta." 

Beverlee Pembroke Hill is a sub- 
stitute stenographer for the State 
Court in Montpelier, Vermont. 

Carolyn Derby Neal writes to: 
"Dear Lasell Friends — My husband 
and I are enjoying the extra space 
and new neighborhood in our new 
home at 27 Granby Drive, Madison, 
Conn. We attended the spring wed- 
ding of Helen Cassam Kovacs; keep 
in touch with Julie Gurka Kubaska, 
whose third son arrived in December. 
Joan Carroll Correll has a son and a 
daughter; is living in New York. 

Todd and Jeffrey Neal 
(Carolyn Derby '65) 

Sister Melissa (Derby Oettinger '68) 
and Dick are building a new home in 
Westboro, Mass. 


Deborah Fineberg spent the past 
year in Israel studying Hebrew in an 
Ulpan and working on Kibbutz Gino- 
sar near Tiberias. 

Marsha Howe describes her vaca- 
tions as "an educational experience." 
She has traveled through 9 Euro- 
pean countries; added a week in 
Jamaica during last spring's vacation. 


Barbara O'Bryon has been pro- 
moted to group manager of juniors, 
children's, boys' and women's shoes 
at Macy's suburban branch in 
Colonie, N.Y. Barbara joined Macy's 
in 1969 as a sales manager for Little 
Shop, bridal salon, coats and better 
dresses. In 1970 she became sales 
manager for men's furnishings and in 
1971 was transferred to the junior 
fashion area. 

(Rose) Pamela Rosen is on the staff 
of Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 

Susan Sullivan Crowley has joined 
the staff of The Kennebec Valley 
Regional Health Agency in Waterville, 
Maine. She will provide therapy in 
the home according to instructions 
of the patient's own physician. Sue 
received her B.S. degree in physical 
therapy from Columbia University; 
has served as staff therapist at Mt. 
Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor, 


Loaded with photographic para- 
phernalia, Marcia Langer flew to 
Greece in early October to spend six 
months to a year photographing the 
archaeological digs near ancient 
Corinth. She has been engaged by 
the School of Classical Studies, 
located in Athens, to do the photog- 
raphy for records they need. This 
is Marcia's first major assignment 
since completing a two and one-half 
year course at the Brooks Institute of 
Photography, Santa Barbara, Calif. 



Betsy Gimbel Ratner sends her 
new address: 1010 Ciaflin Avenue, 
Manhattan, Kan. 66502. She is teach- 
ing second grade in one of the local 
schools; her husband, a teaching as- 
sistant, is studying for a master's 
degree in architecture at Kansas State 

Jackie Dubin Foster, a '72 grad- 
uate of Hillsdale College, is a sub- 
stitute teacher in the elementary 
schools of Hillsdale (Mich.) County. 
Kathy Cooper was Jackie's maid-of- 
honor at her August wedding, held 
on the Hillsdale campus. 

A June '72 bride is Deborah Rob- 
bins, now Mrs. George A. Moser, Jr., 
308 Meadowside Road, Milford, Conn. 


Christine Carley recently received 
her bachelor of science degree from 
Framingham State College. 

Joan Holbrook is a staff nurse at 
New England Deaconess Hospital on 
a surgical floor. 

Ellen Waters was graduated from 
Southern Connecticut State College 
in May and was married to James R. 
Winston on June 4, 1972. 

From Laura Siegel: "Although I 
have been delinquent in keeping in 
touch with the Alumnae Office, it was 
not because of a lack of interest. Be- 
fore I bring you up-to-date on what I 
have been doing, I just want to rem- 
inisce a bit about my stay at Lasell. 

"Going to Lasell for my first two 
years of college life was the best pos- 
sible way to start my college educa- 
tion. One of the greatest assets at 
Lasell was the relationship between 
teacher and pupil. Some of the teach- 
ers invited students to come to their 
homes for casual get-togethers and 
they took a genuine interest in our 
human attributes as well. 

"My life at Lasell was very full. I 
met some wonderful people whom I 
try to keep in touch with and will 
never forget. I became involved in 
theatre with Mr. Haney, taught folk 
guitar once a week at a Unitarian 
church in Newton, and went to the 
Lyman Reform School once a week to 

work with the boys there. My experi- 
ences at the Lyman School were very 
rich and I will never forget them. 

"As far as my education at Lasell, 
I profited very much from my educa- 
tion courses there and learned a 
great deal from Mrs. Muriel Sheppard. 

"After graduating Lasell, I trans- 
ferred to C.W. Post College on Long 
Island. Although they finally accepted 
my full sixty-three credits, I have to 
go an extra semester in order to sat- 
isfy their requirements. I will be stu- 
dent teaching this September and will 
graduate in January. After I graduate 
I hope to go back to Boston and get 
employment there. 

"I miss Boston and miss Lasell very 
much. Thanks for a great two years." 

Katherine Burke has been ap- 
pointed a staff nurse with Visiting 
Nurse Service of New York. The 
Service is America's largest voluntary 
agency in public health nursing and 
serves Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. 

Nancy Waer, who received a B.A. 
degree from the University of Bridge- 
port, is now pursuing graduate studies 
in the field of elementary guidance 

Via Aerogramme: Dear Friends: 
Having graduated from Lasell in 1970 
and now in Australia, we would be 
very interested in what is happening 
to Lasell and our friends. Would you 
kindly send the alumnae magazine 
so we might catch up on our Alma 
Mater. We left the East in early 
August '72 for a trip across the U.S.A. 
In San Francisco we caught a ship 
bound for Australia. After a fantastic 
cruise of five weeks — including 
Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, the Phil- 
lipines — we landed in Sydney. We are 
now in the process of getting regis- 
tered as nurses — 'sisters,' as we are 
called here. Meanwhile we've taken 
a month's trip around-through-and 
into Australia — an amazing country 
and we're very excited about it. If 
other Lasellites are headed this way, 
we'd enjoy hearing from them. 
Barbara Stoddard 
Shannon Shinners 
1 Watson Street, 
Bondi, New South Wales 

On December 26, 1972 Monica 
Fuchs wrote: "I am a 1970 Lasell 

graduate and would like you to know 
that I love every issue of the LEAVES. 
I actually save it for a very quiet, 
private moment, recalling my days at 
Lasell. It was there I did a lot of 
growing up and a lot of living. Last 
Thursday I graduated from college 
and on March 4, 1972 I was married 
— my new name is Mrs. Monica 
Caplan. My special regards to Mrs. 
Archer (I was a Bragdonite — so very 
sorry to see it go) and to Dr. Donald 

Marilyn "Lanny" Footer Falsey ad- 
dresses "Dear Friends at Lasell — it 
was interesting to read letters from 
the Class of 1970. WHATTA class 
and how successful they've been. I, 
myself, now live in Marlboro; work for 
a Framingham insurance office. We 
have a most fantastic child, Melanie, 
born July 1971 — loaded with energy 
and already quite a leader! My Lasell 
roommate Joanne Marshall, was mar- 
ried August 28, 1971. She met Greg 
Doyle at a Lasell mixer. Jo, a B.U. 
graduate, is working in Framingham, 
where she lives. Where are the rest 
of you, '70? You were fun people." 

Phyllis Aikens is director of the 
Sullivan Language School, Wellesley 
Hills, Mass. The Wellesley branch is 
the newest of 30 locations of the 
Sullivan School; classes are arranged 
for the individual. For further infor- 
mation, call Phyllis at (617) 237-4541. 


Barbara Rovegno has been ap- 
pointed buyer of the juniors and 
young juniors departments at Sky- 
dels's, East Main Street, Bridgeport, 

Ricki Kahn became Mrs. Kevin J. 
Walsh on November 28, 1971. The 
Walshes are now living at 10514 
National Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Robin DeAngelis was selected for 
an exclusive six-week engagement of 
the "Ice Follies" at Caesar's Palace, 
Las Vegas, Nev. Before joining the 
cast of the Follies, Robin was a pro- 
fessional skating instructor for The 
Southern New Hampshire Skating 
Club in Manchester and Concord. 
She is a member of The Skating Club 
of Boston. 



Karen L. Clisham '68 to Robert H. Patriquin 
Linda Kessler x-'68 to Gerald Nelson 
Suzanne Clemence '69 to P. Joseph McCarthy 
Lucy J. Howard '69 to Harry B. Kanter 
Marilyn S. Yas '69 to Edwin B. Cohen 
Linda M. Christie 70 to Dr. Christos A. Hasiotis 
Elouise Conway '70 to Duncan F. Will 
Patricia A. Freese 70 to William J. Durkin, Jr. 
Betsy Y. Purves 70 to Robert F. Fisk, Jr. 
Marcia F. Swartz 70 to Leonard S. Ross 
Amy R. Blank 71 to George B. Ginsburg 
Angela K. Brady 71 to Daniel R. Coleman 
Leigh A. Gidley 71 to Frederick D. Johnson 
Jane T. Glunts 71 to Andrew Kampf 
Karen J. Goshgarian 71 to William F. Smith 
Linda M. Margentino 71 to Michael J. D'Amato 
Paula Robbins 71 to Paul R. Nelson 
Carol A. Robertson 71 to Richard W. Smith 
Brenda G. Saul 71 to David R. Thomson 
Myra B. Stiller 71 to Arthur A. Perlis 
Sueanne Smith 71 to Paul Rukstalis 
Cynthia S. Bigham 72 to Michael J. DeMeo 
Marjory S. Blustein 72 to Barry H. Yanes 
Paula Dyer 72 to David B. Ward 
Deborah G. Zalkind 72 to Magdi C. Semine 


Linda Resnick Freedman '62 and Robert A. Baer on October 14, 1972 
Sheilah Keil '62 and Robert E. Pollack on November 19, 1972 
Nancy E. Ryer x-'62 and Harold E. Boutilier on November 4, 1972 in Orange, Ct. 
Roseann G. Santoro '62 and George F. Krodel on September 23, 1972 in Naugatuck, Conn. 
Mary L. Herbert '63 and Charles A. Shute in November 1972 in Craigville Beach, Cape Cod, 

Catherine Rovetti '63 and Thomas A. Skratt on November 18, 1972 in Hamden, Ct. 
Barbara A. Beisaw '64 and Stephen T. Witcher on September 16, 1972 in Denver, Colorado 
Susan Granger '64 and George V. d'Arbeloff on October 7, 1972 in Sandwich, Mass. 
Deborah E. MacVaugh '64 and C. David Enders on April 4, 1970 in Magnolia, N.J. 
Nancy G. Lincoln '65 and Joseph E. Fellows on December 30, 1972 in Norton, Ct. 
Dorothy Miller '65 and Theodore Julius, Jr. on September 24, 1972 in Wilbraham, Mass. 
Joan L. Vaidulas '65 and Charles M. Winterson, Jr. on October 14, 1972 in South Barre, Mass. 
Deborah R. Allen '66 and Stephen W. Thompson on December 1, 1972 in Milford, Conn. 
Susan P. Stier '66 and Eugene A. Quindlen on September 9, 1972 
Marilyn Zerwitz '66 and Thomas J. Pula on November 11, 1972 in Agawam, Mass. 
Mary A. Del Gaudio '69 and Gary S. Chickering in September 1972 in Kennebunkport, Maine 
Jacquelin B. Dubin '69 and David B. Foster on August 20, 1972 in Hillsdale, Michigan 
Andrea Hansen '69 and Robert O. Ritchie on November 5, 1972 in Madison, Conn. 
Karin L. Johnson '69 and Gary S. Osmond on September 16, 1972 in Weston, Mass. 
Candyce Benn 70 and John E. Young, III on November 18, 1972 in Brewster, Mass. 
Joan M. Connell 70 and Joseph Ponti, Jr. in September 1972 in Melrose, Mass. 
Terry L. Cordtsen 70 and Barry F. Lawton, Jr. on October 14, 1972 in Ellington, Ct. 
Sandra A. Finlay 70 and Richard B. Patterson on June 10, 1972 
Elizabeth A. Herring 70 and George T. Dooley on November 11, 1972 in Newton, Mass. 


Christine R. Marchionne 70 and Stephen M. Hendrickson on September 10, 1972 in Braintree, 

Marcia E. Rogean '70 and Charles G. Buoncristiano on August 19, 1972 in Hyannis, Mass. 
Nan M. Trudeau '70 and Gabriel F. Rabut on December 16, 1972 in Norwalk, Ct. 
Harriett Zitser '70 and Leon M. Hennes on December 16, 1972 in Woodbridge, Ct. 
Kathleen Barry '71 and John H. Freme on September 16, 1972 in Lenox, Mass. 
Nancy J. Barry '71 and Daniel M. Ford on January 7, 1973 in Auburn, Mass. 
Katherine L. Blair 71 and David A. Bell on July 29, 1972 in Medfield, Mass. 
Elizabeth P. Canning 71 and Michael C. Rainnie on December 9, 1972 in Falmouth, Mass. 
Barbara J. O'Halloran 71 and Robert M. Bishop on September 9, 1972 in Cheshire, Conn. 
Nancy Ovian 71 and David L. McLean on November 26, 1972 in Sudbury, Mass. 
Barbara S. Schwartz 71 and Francis R. Arico in September 1972 in New Rochelle, N.Y. 
Nancy Bishop 72 and Denis M. Casey on January 6, 1973 in Dedham, Mass. 
Linda J. Cross 72 and John F. Fullerton on October 21, 1972 in Wolfeboro, N.H. 
Wendy G. Hawkins 72 and Robert H. Reeves on October 28, 1972 in Stratford, Ct. 
Jill R. Jersey 72 and George H. Baldwin, II on December 30, 1972 in Nichols, Ct. 
Deborah L. Jost 72 and Roger C. Fish on December 3, 1972 in Framingham, Mass. 
Katherine D. Pirrone 72 and Donald P. Johnson in October 1972 in West Roxbury, Mass. 


To Janet Roy Procino '59, third child, second son, Michael Roy, on July 18, 1971. 

To Valerie Duval Pettinicchi '61, second child, first daughter, Tammy Rae, on July 11, 1972. 

To Lynn Fager Smith '61, second child, first daughter, Kirsten Cunningham, on March 13, 1972. 

To Pamela Capuano Veek '62, third child, first daughter, Amy Lynn, on August 4, 1972. 

To Bonnie Reimann Ferranti '62, a daughter, Julie Beth, on August 30, 1972. 

To Donna Garrow Johnson '67, a son, Terence Andrew, on October 14, 1972. 

To Cynthia Dowd Wallace '68, a son, Andrew Scott, on October 20, 1972. 

To Carole Keller Greenfield '69, a daughter, Jennifer Linn, on February 8, 1972. 

To Janet Sheffer Kerney '69, a daughter, Anne Wesley, on November 8, 1972. 

To Pamela Gordon Cole 70, a daughter, Sarah Jane, on December 18, 1972. 


M. Marguerite Miller Eggers x-'15 on December 26, 1972 in Burbank, Calif. 

Olive Chase Mayo '19 on January 18, 1973 in Laconia, N.H. 

Frances Coombs '19 on November 7, 1972 in Yarmouth, Maine 

Carolie Abrams Painter x-'20 on February 29, 1972. 

Frances Heath Thompson '20 on January 25, 1973 in Concord, N.H. 

Dorothy Barnard '24 on November 11, 1972 in Cambridge, Mass. 

Charlena Clough Long '25 on November 17, 1972 in Newport, Vt. 

Eloise Smith Riley '26 on October 21, 1972 in Glens Falls, N.Y. 

Julia Clausen Bowman '29 in November 1972 in Lake Oswego, Oregon 

Ruth Beckley Brown x-'29 on August 1, 1972 in Toms River, N.J. 

Lorrayne Hron Reynolds '44 on October 7, 1972 in Bridgeport, Conn. 

Joan Peterson Devlin '52 on January 14, 1973 in Abington, Mass. 

Cynthia Hough Slayton x-'64 on October 22, 1972 in Rochester, N.Y. 


























n n 









































c q) 

O D) 

O Q) 

E o 
co O 

— CD 































































We are pleased to announce that the Guy M. Winslow Bookshelf Fund 

is now in excess of $800. The College acknowledges, most gratefully, 

contributions — as of Februa 

r y 15, 1973 — from the following: 

Mary Goodwin Olmstead '03 

Alice M. Seidler '38 

Fern Dixon Leahy '07 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer '39 

Irma Goldman Tedesche '08 

Jane Leckie Tracy '39 

Florence Swartwout Thomassen 

'09 Frances McBride Perkins '41 

Mildred Goodall Fairbanks '10 

Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44 

Marion Griffin Wolcott '16 

Emma Gilbert Carver '45 

Ruth Straight Mock '17 

Marilyn Clark '51 

Helen Bauman Roblin '17 

Carolie Painter Wildrick '52 

Elsie Flight Wuestefeld '18 

Joy Stewart Rice '55 

Mercie V. Nichols '19 

Nelly Bachand Monroe '56 

Elizabeth Moyer Wilson '19 

Deborah Farnum Varney '56 

Freda Griffin Leining '20 

Beverly Dansky Singer '58 

Ruth Rawlings Mott '21 

Linda M. Kupka '62 

Jessie Watters '23 

Joanne Jacobson '63 

Helen B. Perry '24 

Elisse Allinson Share '65 

Barbara Cushing Lund '25 

Annette Willock '65 

Margaret Anderson Gage '26 

Janet McGuckian '67 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen '27 

Eileen McGuckian '70 

Marion Kingdon Farnum '29 

Mrs. Margaret W. French, Faculty 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth '29 Mrs. Ralph D. Weston, Faculty 

Marjorie MacClymon '32 

Dr. Donald J. Winslow 

Virginia Wright Church '37 

The Winslow Bookshelf is 

a continuing fund that may be contributed 

to at any time. Please make checks payable to: Lasell Junior College. 


Saturday, March 24, 1973 


Class Reunions will be held June 
1, 2 and 3. Watch for notices 
concerning your Class! 


Alumnae Office Paid at Boston, Mass. 

Newton, Massachusetts 02166